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Elain to Camden Fringe

A project by: Cristina Salcedo Gomez



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This project received donations on Mon 27 Aug 2018
Help take Elain to the Camden Fringe.

our project

We are intramoenia and we are taking our first physical theatre performance eläin to the Camden Fringe this August!

Devised physical theatre performance eläin explores some of our identifiable social constructs, their effects on human behaviour and the connection (or disconnection) to the animalistic side of us. During the process theatre company intramoenia has taken inspiration from revolutionary events in world history as a base for physical exploration taking the audience through intimate and electrifying imagery that encourage to question these concepts. What does the history tell about our current social structures? Where are they seen and how do they differ amongst different cultures? Do we get to choose whether we’re part of them or not? What happens if we disobey them?

eläin wants to challenge the audience to open up to the possibility that we all have of making a different choice. The main themes love, intimacy, sexuality, vulnerability and animal instinct are the primary foundations of the production, driving the performers to challenge their own personal limitations and observe their own relations to social constructs and revolution as human beings, as animals. “What do you mean by revolution? What would be your personal revolution?”


intramoenia is a newborn theatre company assembled from all over Europe. We are all East 15 recent Graduates: Oskar Hartman and Anna-Leena Jarvi (both from Finland), Cristina Salcedo (from Barcelona) and Mattia Sonnino (Italian and English) and we founded our first theatre company as part of our MAP Festival for new devised theatre performances.

The audience response and our personal feelings towards this show gave us the courage to pursue it further and take it to the Camden Fringe as our first professional showing.

Where will the money go?

We are trying to raise enough money to cover all costs for the production of the show at the Fringe. An approximate break down is below, but we understand that things will change.

  • Camden Fringe venue hire (4 shows): £300
  • Camden Fringe registration: £99
  • Technician for all shows: £90
  • Traveling costs: £160
  • Printing costs: £100
  • Props: £150


Have a look below to find the goodies that you'll get if you spare anything over a fiver!

Find us here

Instagram: @imtheatrecompany OR https://www.instagram.com/imtheatrecompany/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/intramoeniatheatre/

Twitter: @intramoenia1 OR https://twitter.com/Intramoenia1

Or email us on intramoeniatheatrecompany@gmail.com

Help us succeed!

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