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Help us take Dreamland to the Edinburgh Fringe.

Help us take Dreamland to the Edinburgh Fringe.


London. Canary Wharf. September 2008. Following the collapse of the US sub-prime mortgage market, the world economy is in free fall. Johnny, an unemployed 25 year old thinks he has the answer. When brokerage company, Manning Corp, take him on he enters a world that will change him forever.

But, when you've made millions, when you're at the top of your game what else is left? How far can you go before somebody gets hurt?

"If The Wolf of Wall Street and The Devil Wears Prada had a love child, Dreamland is it." - Luke Clarke (Artistic Director - The Alchemist Theatre Company)

Dreamland is written by Ella Donaldson and directed by Sam Edmunds.

Who are you?

We are Hyperdrive Theatre, born on the CT course at East 15 Acting School.

We are Molly, Ella and James, three very different amigos who share a common drive to make theatre in the moment that is not defined by style but centred around story.

Unashamedly bold and witty, we shed light on stories often overlooked.

Selected as artists in residence at Arts Depot for 2018, winners of the King's Head Stella Wilkie Award and of the Lyric Hammersmith Fresh Faced Film Festival 2018, we are off to a good start and are now taking a big leap into the future.

"A young theatre company that brings to its work and immense amount of passion, vision and talent. Their first work has a maturity well beyond their age." - Uri Roodner (Actor, director and CT course leader)


Dreamland was first performed at East 15's Debut Festival in February 2018 where it was met with rave reviews and interest from a variety of industry professionals. Written and created under the mentorship of Charlotte Josephine (Snuff Box Theatre - Bitch Boxer, Blush ) and Jesse Briton (Bear Trap Theatre - Bound, Enduring Song), Dreamland tackles the recklessness of the UK financial sector during the crash of 2008 and the affect it had on the people at the centre of the crisis. Money. Power. Success. Johnny wants it all. But in his fight to the top, what will he have sacrifice along the way? In a world where you have to shout to be heard, being a front runner is everything and if you're anything less you might as well give up.

The play examines the fight of women to have their voices heard within an industry that has no time for such 'petty' issues because, let's face it, you can't cry vagina when things don't go your way, right?...

Dreamland explores the impact the financial services have on our everyday lives, the power they wield over our society and culture and asks if we too might want a bit of the action...

where will the money go?

Fringe isn't cheap... but it's an invaluable platform for us to showcase Dreamland to a wide audience pool and network with industry professionals to open up future opportunities for us as a company.

Our current costs:

  • Venue - £3000
  • Accommodation - £1455
  • Travel - £143.55
  • Set/Costume - £100
  • Insurance - £100
  • Fringe Registration Fee - £295
  • Marketing - £400

TOTAL - £5,493.55



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