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This project received donations on Mon 27 Feb 2017
Help us give you an amazing oriental night:donate for Chinese New Year

We are raising £400 to fund the 2017 University of Essex CSSA Chinese New Year Gala which aims to celebrate the Chinese traditional spring festival. We hope those who are not Chinese learn more about Chinese culture. We are looking forward to having the amazing night with various people from different cultures!

Who are we? CSSA Essex Buddy!!

Essex Chinese Scholar and Students Association (CSSA) is a branch of UK CSSA, administrated by the Chinese embassy directly. Regular projects and events are organised in various and interesting ways. Currently there are 5 departments within CSSA, and they aim to fully support Chinese students within our campus, and communicate with the Student's Union as a bridge between Chinese and other international students.

Our story

We are running the 2017, University of Essex CSSA Chinese New Year Gala. It is the first time we've ever organised the lunar new year evening before, therefore we have the biggest expectations of the event. We want this year’s Chinese New Year to not only focus on the Chinese students but also those from around the world. However, the more people we attract, the more funding we require. The international office and Student's Union (who we are collaborating on this with), can only provide us with limited support. With the event planning and preparation, some problems have come out of the surface. We now want to gather public support to keep the event going. If you are moved by our story, please click the sponsor button to help us achieve our goals.

Where will the money go?

All the money we raised from Click Funding will be used in 2017 University of Essex Chinese New Year Gala.

Contact us via


Email: yjine@essex.ac.uk

Facebook: Cssa Cssa ---https://m.facebook.com/cssa.cssa.1