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(C)overt Corporeality Art Exhibition

A project by: Pakakul Pakawan


WE RAISED £1,261

from 35 donors

This project received donations on Thu 13 Apr 2017

We are raising funds to support the MA in Curating students’ exhibition “(C)overt Corporeality”!

Who are we?

We are MA in Curating students within the School of Art History and Philosophy at the University of Essex . We are organising an art exhibition as part of our course from the 18th of May to the 16th of June 2017 at the Art Exchange, located on the Colchester campus.

What is “(C)overt Corporeality”?

Our exhibition, (C)overt Corporeality , is related to the female body and its representation through the forms of different media such as ; textiles, ceramics, and photography, all within an artwork. Our exhibition features young, dynamic artists that challenge traditional views of the female body.

What is our exhibition about?

By playing with the idea of exposing the " inside " and concealing the " outside ", as our title (C)overt Corporeality elucidates, we seek to challenge people's ideas of the female body and femininity.

We have contacted several artists and they have all been very positive about participating in our project. Some of the artists will personally install their artworks in our university gallery, as well as joining us for the Launch night on the 18th of May!

Furthermore, we want to create an exhibition that is relevant to both students and the local community but also features artists that truly connect with our theme. We are organising events and activities like workshops, a film screening, artist performances and a school outreach program related to the representation of the female body. We are also cooperating with several of the University's societies and departments , as well as local organisations around Colchester.

Our Story

We are very passionate about our exhibition. We have been working very hard on our project since October and after several brainstorming sessions, we realised that despite being women with different backgrounds, we are all concerned with raising awareness of the reality of the female body and both its artistic and socio-political implications .

Slowly but surely our exhibition is coming together. We have received great feedback from our professors and peers within the department, as well as, great interest from the artists we have contacted for our exhibition.

We have been given a budget, but unfortunately, it is not enough to cover all our costs. In order to create the best exhibition possible, we really need to raise extra funds .

Any funds we raise will be used for the transportation of the artworks, artist fees , as well as, events related to the exhibition, like film screenings, performances, and talks.

What your donation will help us achieve

If we reach our minimum goal (£750):

£250 will be used for the transportation of artworks,

£300 will be used for artist fees, and

£200 will be used for the coordination of a performance on campus.

If we reach our total goal (£1,000):

£750 will be used for expenses as stated above and,

£250 will be used related events, including the exhibition opening and film screening.


For donating to our project, we have come up with some special rewards to thank you for your support. Check them out!

Find Us Here

To find out more about our project and see how our exhibition is progressing, access the links below:

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/EssexArtHistory

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/essexarthistory/

Or, you can just visit us at the Curatorial office , Room 6.123/6.123A on campus at the University of Essex.

Help Us Succeed!

If you are able donate to our project, THANK YOU!

Help us spread the message to anyone and everyone by using our social media, sharing our page and telling all your friends and family.

Thank you in advance and we hope to see you at the opening of (C)overt Corporeality on May 18th!