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Equestrian Club Polo Lessons

A project by: William Galvin



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This project received donations on Wed 19 Dec 2018
Polo lessons for beginners

Equestrian Club Polo Lessons Fund

The equestrian club is looking for your help

In Short

This year the equestrian club is venturing into horse polo, we have organised this campaign to help the club raise funds to help subsidize the lessons for our members. Polo is traditionally viewed as an elitist sport however our aim is to detach ourselves as a club from the social stigma and share our love for the game with everyone. Polo requires specialized horse, equipment as well as specialist training and is therefore a very expensive sport for students who want to get involved.

About Us

Here at the equestrian club we encourage new and experienced riders to join us in playing the amazing sport of horse riding. We provide weekly lessons for members of any experience level however due to the high costs many students are unfortunately unable participate in lessons on a regular basis, despite these high costs, with lessons costing upwards of £600 per year, we still have many members who make financial sacrifices in order to be members of the club. We are aiming to participate in as many kinds of equestrian sports such as pentathlon, English riding and horse polo so that we can provide our members with new experiences that they wouldn't necessarily have available to them back at home.

What We Will Do With The Funds Raised

With the funds raised from this campaign we will subsidize a block of lessons for equestrian club members to experience horse polo and for dedicated members to improve their performance and that of the team. We will use Mill Hall Farm Polo Center, it is based in Harlow which takes two and a half hours for a round trip. This subsidy will make polo more financially accessible to our club members and ultimately achieve our initial aim. The success of the campaign will see the funds allocated in the following way:

£600 = 2 blocks of lessons allows the club book the arena, horses and equipment for club members for 4 hours across 4 weekends, one hour lesson per week. This reduces the cost per member per lesson to £15

£500 = 2 blocks of lessons partially funded, the reduced the cost per member per lesson to £20

If we achieve above our fundraising target, the extra funds will go towards subsidizing future club activities.

Thanks for getting this far

Thank you for taking the time to hear about our campaign, any donations or shares are greatly appreciated by all of us here in the equestrian club.