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Climbing club-Equipment funding

A project by: Isabela Balaiu



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This project received donations on Wed 20 Dec 2017
Help us keep our climbers safe by buying new equipment !

a short summary

The University of Essex Climbing Club is raising 500£ to buy new equipment such as shoes, carabiners, belaying devices and harnesses. This will not only allow us to provide more people with the necessary things, but we’ll keep our new members happy and safe.

Who are we?

My name is Isabela Balaiu and I’m the Volunteering and Fundraising Officer for UECC (University of Essex Climbing Club). Therefore it is my job to make sure the club gets the funding it needs.

We don't have any divisions; the team is comprised of athletes of all skills and we pride ourselves on our global members. We have friendly, in-house competitions and external competitions, including BUCS Nationals and Derby day!

our story

Rock climbing is a unique sport that can be a gateway for people into outdoor pursuits and is a lot of fun. It is a very social sport with a fantastic community surrounding it inside and outside of the University environment.

The sport is imprtant to me personally because without it I would not have met so many like-minded people. It really is a great way to engage in sport at your own pace and your own level. The ability for new members to come and try the sport for free is integral to the continuation of the club because without it a lot of people would not be able to begin the sport and engage others with it.

By donating to our important cause you can become a part of the UECC legacy, allowing young potential climbers to become aged with a new sport as well as become inspired by the outdoors and meet great friends and networks in the process.

Where will the money go?

The money will be used to fund the renewal of old or unsafe equipment such as harnesses . The club provides equipment for its new members so as to ensure the sport is accessible to all people from all backgrounds. Climbing equipment is expensive and niche. To keep our members safe we need to replace old gear regularly, this is in part due to the dangerous nature of the sport but also because our equipment such as ropes is used so regularly by our keen new members.

Climbing shoes-> 50-60£

Harness-> 50-60£

Rope-> 80-90£ (For outdoor climbing, we need a 100m rope which can be used by 2 people)

Belaying device-> 18-20£


Check out the rewards on the right side of the page as we give out some really cool stuff.


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We would be grateful for anyone who’s willing to make a donation, but a shoutout on social media would be awesome too !