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Climbing club trip funding

A project by: Coline Thevenet



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This project received donations on Fri 25 Mar 2022
Help the Climbing Club continue to provide remarkable outdoor rock climbing trips !

A short summary of our project

The University of Essex climbing club is raising money to afford a climbing trip to Cornwall from the 7th to 11th April.

During this trip, we are going to climb at Sennen Cove and Bossigran which are historic areas for climbing, but also in Chair Ladder. All these areas are in the Lands End area of Cornwall.

Who are WE ?

We’re the University of Essex Climbing Club (UECC), a fun and international team. Our aim is to create a safe, fun environment for both beginner and experienced climbers. This includes weekly sessions at the Sports Centre wall, day trips to indoor and outdoor walls, and longer trips away to various places in the UK and Europe to climb, hike, socialise and generally enjoy a great sport together! 

Our story 

Climbing is a beautiful sport, qualified as an 'individual sport' it is so much more than that! Each sessions and trips we are all sharing a passion, our mindset: having fun, enjoy nature and landscapes while respecting the environment. From beginners to competent, we are all helping each other.

Our outdoor climbing trips allow our members to bond, and develop tight friendships as well as welcome new members into our Climbing Family. It also enables people who couldn't afford that kind of trip to enjoy that moments thanks to you and the university! Indeed climbing gear is really costly and isn't affordable for all. 

Where will the money go?

All money donated will be used for the Cornwall trip, so it can be accessible to all our members : 

  • We will hire a minibus to go there this cost approximately £350
  • The distance between Colchester and Cornwall is 350 miles so the fuel will costs us approximately £150 ( as it's a minibus )
  • We are only raising 500£ because our members are paying a bit for the trip too.


To thank you for donating or sharing we have some rewards for you :

  • A shout-out on social medias
  • For a donation of more than £15 : a t-shirt of the club
  • For a donation of more than £30 : a hoodie of the club
  • For a donation of more than £50 : a gift from our Cornwall trip
  • For a donation of more than £75 : a VIP session at the University climbing wall 

Find us here :


And on Instagram : @uoeclimbing

Help us succeed!

We would be grateful for anyone who’s willing to make a donation, but please do share this project to all your friends, family and colleagues. Sharing is FREE & it would make a huge impact for our campaign.

Anything small or large will be a fantastic contribution, and you will forever be part of the UECC Family. We would love to meet you at one of our sessions and help you get into this fantastic sport & be part of the BEST SPORTS CLUB at the University of Essex!