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Government Internship in Buenos Aires 2017

A project by: Danijela Svircic


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A lifetime opportunity to learn and prepare for my future career in Buenos Aires

A short summary of MY project

Experiencia Buenos Aires Internacional (EBAI) is an internship and cultural exchange program aimed at young talent worldwide which takes place between June and August in Buenos Aires.  EBAI provides outstanding students an opportunity to enhance their own skills and academic knowledge by working for the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

EBAI participants  meet with a variety of government officials in charge of policies being implemented across Buenos Aires.They take part in cultural activities intended to introduce them to the city. The participants are current BA and MA students between the ages of 18 and 32, with working knowledge of Spanish and a strong interest in public policy.

Who aM I?

My name is Danijela Svircic and i am a postgraduate student at the University of Essex.

I played basketball in the USA for five years and currently I am playing basketball and earning my master’s degree at the University of Essex. Being involved with basketball made me a hard worker, more confident, disciplined and respectful. At the University of the Cumberlands in the USA, I majored in Business Administration and Political Science with a minor in Spanish. The excellent faculty and broad spectrum of courses have granted me with a strong political and business flavour. Throughout my studies I have been committed to improving my ability and relevant experience, managing my time effectively and prioritising my work and commitments to ensure I maintained my strong academic achievement and consistently met my deadlines.

I am a proactive, responsible postgraduate student who has demonstrated leadership skills in work experience, sports and academics. Currently the Student Ambassador and Course Rep for the Department of Government demonstrating a strong interest in international affairs, self-motivation and flexibility. Seeking to gain knowledge, enhance and acquire practical skills useful for my future career.

The Buenos Aires Government Internship will be a great way to enhance and develop my skills. I am passionate about the Environment and for that reason I am very excited for the opportunity to be part of the Ministry of Environment and Public Space and I look forward to gain experience to help me make a difference in the future.

Where will the money go?

Breakdown of costs (3 months):

·return flights to Buenos Aires (approx. £800)

·accommodation costs (approx. £200 per month)

Any extra funds will go towards:

.Food and personal expenses (approx. £300 per month) X 3 months= £900

The overall cost is estimated to be around £2,100-  £2,300


Any help is appreciated. I will keep you posted with pictures from Buenos Aires and my internship experience.

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I will post updates on here to keep you all updated.

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