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Brexit Wedding

A project by: Cara Baldwin



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This project received donations on Wed 25 Oct 2017
Young creatives get together to create an immersive art event around Brexit

A short summary of our project

We are raising funds for our performance art piece ‘Brexit Wedding’, a wedding to satire and critic Brexit. We want to raise money so that we can facilitate a creative environment to discuss, challenge and inspire dialogue around Brexit.

We are programming 20 creatives from around the UK to respond to the theme of a Brexit Wedding and the departure of the UK from the EU. The event will have staggered prices to make it as accessible as possible. Everyone at the event will have a slice of cake and bare witness to performance art, live music, poetry, discussion within an immersive artistic experience.

We will gather to witness the union of

Livia Rita, EU citizen, & Edythe Woolley, UK citizen,

who together, will breathe fresh life into that sacred UK-EU bond and start the future shady underground dealings for exchanging passports. The wedding is taking place on

23rd September, the Total Refreshment Centre (N16)


We reinvent the traditional wedding. Turn it upside down.

It all starts with the extravagant, surreal ceremony. Personal love becomes universal love. Prayers become euphoric exclamations of hope carrying you to new heights. Traditional chants receive a shocking remix into the most sacrilegious of synth pop. As we cut the enormous wedding cake, we’re interrupted by the brutally honest confessions of family and friends, culminating in a heated debate about Brexit... and then there’s the classic wedding punch-up (Tarantino style). The bride Livia Rita will celebrate by giving a concert. We end the night with a waltz & wedding gifts having tasted infinite possibilities of what the future holds.


Who we are

Cara Baldwin and Hannah Benson are playing the progressive pop heaven angel army and are both East 15ers. Our choreographer Taylor Danson and the artist behind the Brexit Wedding Livia Rita are also from East 15.

Livia Rita will launch her second single ‘Heart Tattoo’ of her forthcoming album Rewild, with live show developed at the Barbican and mentored by Lindsay Kemp & Lea Anderson.

We have invited some exciting special guests to our wedding who contribute to the ceremony and the wedding by performing; Nwando Ebizie, Brigitte Aphrodite, Ama Josephine Budge, Di Sherlock, Rowena & Maisie, Ale Marzotto, Virgin Xtravaganza and more.

our story

We deeply care about England's future and want to get involved in a creative way in the politics. We hope to inspire further people to start getting interested in current politics.

We want to approach politics in a playful way, thus creating a slightly absurd debate about contemporary politics like you’ve never seen before.

We are looking to raise funds to help pay for the project!

where will the money go

£500 will go to the performers.

£150 will go to the light & sound equipment we need for the evening.

£150 will go into the material for the costumes.

£200 will go into the making of the costumes.

£200 will go into posters, flyers & marketing.


You can enter the ceremony as family / friend of the brides. - £5

An extra large piece of cake for you - you can choose at the beginning. - £10

A love poem read out loud dedicated to you! - £20

Marina will play your 5 favourite songs during her DJ set. - £40

A Waltz with one of the angels! - £60

A special blessing from the extravagant god! - £80

A featured interview of you in the ‘newspaper’ of the evening. - £100

You can wear the wedding dress for an hour later in the evening. -  £150

Livia Rita will write a cheesy love song for you. - £220

You can get married too with a partner of your choice. - £300

Images and video

This is Livia Rita's first music video:

The angels rehearsing:

Further work:

Find us here

To confirm your attendance or for further questions, contact Marina or Livia at

brexitwedding@gmail.com - 07872 639 507

Facebook Event: http://bit.ly/2vPKlrE





Help us succeed

If you can't donate, we'd be extremely happy and thankful for you to share this project, tell people about it - on Twitter, Facebook, by email, telephone, or in a chat face to face.

We are extremely thankful for any support, thank you for helping us make this happen!