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Essex Blades American Football

A project by: Derrick K Hoppe



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This project received donations on Thu 07 Jul 2016
Our equipment is outdated and unsafe, help us continue to grow as a club by getting new ones

Who we are

The Essex Blades are a growing American Football team competing in the BUCS South East Tier 2 league and are involved with many events at the University, such as Alumni weekend and Derby Day. We rely on a committed group of volunteer coaches who help us improve as a team. We have a wide and diverse group of players who are and have been very committed. 

A short summary 

Our aim is to replace our old less safe equipment with new kit, allowing us to not only kit out more players in the coming years to help us grow, but to also keep players safer after having a number of our players suffer concussions in the last couple of seasons.

Essex Blades American Football

I'm the vice-president of the club and my goal is to help this club return to greatness. For this we need to be able to kit more players each year as teams can have up to 50 players on a squad, but each year we lose players due to a lack of kit being available.

Our History

Our Story 

Having gone from 0-8 two seasons ago to 3-5 this year we are looking to win our division next season with the amount of experienced players and minimal graduates and as the club continues to grow and improve, we hope that so does our equipment. However, a lot of our equipment is broken or outdated and with a full set of equipment costing a player over £300 its very difficult for players to afford kitting themselves. This is why as a club we try to pride ourselves on kitting up anyone turning up to our sessions and being able to learn a new sport that for many people is the first time.

Where will the money go? 

If we mange to raise the money then this will all be spent on new equipment ordered from our friends over at Football America UK who are the biggest supplier of equipment for American Football in the UK. With many third years on the committee our aim is to leave the team in a position where they can have increased success in the future, but also to keep our players safe.

The equipment we buy would if we reach the minimum of £750 would be:

  • 3 x Starter packs (245 each) which equip a player from head to toe: £735
  • Extra funds would be spent on additional training balls: £65


For those who are generous enough to donate us their money, we will be excited to offer some interesting rewards.

Find us here 

We are also currently building a website -which will be live soon- to show what we get up to during year: http://derrick1509.wix.com/essex-blades

(We are currently in the process of acquiring the domain www.bladesafc.co.uk)

Follow us on social media also to see your donations in action!

We have both a Twitter and Instagram account both under the user name @EssexBlades

Any help is appreciated! Spread the word that the Essex Blades need your help so we can reach our goal!

Some pictures of us in action!

Derby Day '15

The Essex Blades vs Blunts- our Alumni American football team

Blades vs UEA '15