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Help us get to the New Diorama!

Help us take bitter to the new diorama Help us get to the theatre of our dreams!

Hi! We're a group of funtastic East 15 contemporary theatre and BA Acting students RAISING funds for our LATEST show 'Bitter'. We're ON at the New Diorama THEATRE before we go on tour, and we need your help!

Winners of the New Diorama First Devised show award, and the East 15 graduate award for our last show 'LEAF', we've been working on a brand spanking new play, and we want to take it even further than before!

Bitter is a gut-punching, mind-numbingly awkward comedy. Fuelled by feminism, seasoned with honest, ugly characters, and accompanied by an orgasmically delicious live sountrack, bitter takes the stale misery right out of your mouth, and crushes it.

Written by helen potter, directed by Carissa Wagner, and devised by the company, expect a sensation like none you've ever seen before. And blood...lots of blood.

We appreciate any and all help you can give, so thanks for checking out our page and if you like what you see, just click on the 'sponsor' button to the right! We've got plenty of exciting rewards on offer for sponsors!


“Like the b**tard child of Monty Python and the Mighty Boosh…prepare to be pleasured.’ - Jesse Briton, Bear Trap Theatre

“Monty Python meets The Mighty Boosh. Fabulously odd and laugh out loud funny” – Fat Rascal Theatre

“an ambitious and ultimately hilarious exploration of the absurdity of life. It is a show with a lot of potential, I am eagerly awaiting what they will do next!” – Shambles Theatre

Who are we?

Potter & Wagner

Winners of the New Diorama First Devised show award and the east 15 graduate award for their comedy play 'leaf', Potter & Wagner have returned to london with brand new show bitter, shortlisted for the let award 2018.

Potter & Wagner are known for tackling social issues through a very british style of comedy that focuses on the banal and yet specific things that everyone experiences. As quintessentially british as the queen eating her roast dinner off a boris bike seat (perish the thought!

Carissa Wagner and Helen Potter are two East 15 graduates united by a love of comedy, an inescapable awkwardness, and a penchant for cheesy disco tunes.

The Team

William shaCkleton

East 15 Ba Acting student William Shackleton is known for his wild eyebrow movements and deep lunges. Although seen here with a pen in his mouth, this isn't, in fact, a permanent fixture.

Emily Hindle

East 15 BA Acting and contemporary theatre student Emily Hindle can tap dance like the pied piper on a good day, and owns a wide selection of knitwear. This expression of shock was probably in response to something shocking.

Jo Mcgarry

East BA Acting graduate Jo Mcgarry is a professional hula-hooper on the side and used to be really good at the piano. Here you see her cold? distraught? passing wind? We're just not sure...

Where will the money go?

Our minimum target will pay for:

  • £300 Initial venue deposit
  • £100 to help pay for the printing of posters and flyers
  • £100 to help pay for all set and props

And anything above and beyond will help pay for:

  • £250 second venue deposit
  • £100 to transport set and props

Rewards (oooh...)

If you donate to our glorious cause, your efforts will not go unnoticed - expect to be rewarded handsomely! Check out the rewards on the right of the page and see how far you're willing to go to receive some very niche gifts and opportunities - we will go above and beyond (believe me!)

Find us here

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*we do not work for tesco