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Internship in Switzerland

A project by: CELIA CANDELA



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This project received donations on Mon 17 Jul 2017
Incredible opportunity to work for the Spanish embassy and the cultural department

different summer

I'm raising £700 to go to an internship in Switzerland. This is an unbelievable opportunity as I will be working in the Spanish Embassy in Berne, which would be so inspiring to see how is working in the diplomacy enviroment.

living new experiences

I am a Spanish student that have just finished my first year of International Relations. Since I decided to study this degree I thought about working in something related to diplomacy. During my first year at the University, I have gone to all the talks related to the topic. I am a driven and hardworking student who really wants to proceed a career as a diplomat.

I love to learn new languages, to travel and to do sports in my free time. In Berne, I could be able to practise my German while traveling around Switzerland to discover new cities.

My story

I found out about this internship while I was navigating on the internet looking for things to do this summer as I have four months of holidays. When I applied I was not sure if I was going to get it as it is usually very competitive so when I received the call saying that they have accepted I was absolutely thrilled.

I visited Berne in February, and I felt in love with this city from the first sight. It is very picturesque and it reminds me of my town. It made me fell like I am at home.

I chose this particular internship as it will give me a chance to  learn new things about the Swiss culture and it will also help me with my future career path. I believe this internship will teach me some professional skills and it will allow me to be independent young person, and to adapt to cultures that are different from what I'm used to.

Why in an embassy?

Since I started my degree I have been interested in  diplomacy. At the university, they have shown us different ways of seeing diplomacy and how it actually works in reality. Working in this environment will allow me to apply the knowledge I have gained till now into practice.

Where will the money go?

Money, money, money, the reason why I am asking you for it. As everyone knows Switzerland is a very expensive country and the internship is considered a voluntary work so it is unpaid. I would like to get a complete experience while I am there and make the most of it. That is why I want to do a German course while I work there to improve my German skills.

  • Minimum target: £400
  • Full target: £700

Of which is divided in:

  • 2 months German course: £600
  • Transport: £100
  • Extra funds: Additional German course + getting a certificate


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Do you want to follow this new experience?

I created a blog this year as a part of a module of my degree and I decided to keep it active. I wish to share my experience with other students so if anyone is interested in doing something similar they will find some useful tips on how to do it.