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Volunteering in Bali

A project by: Chloe Wernick



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This project received donations on Mon 25 Dec 2017
Volunteering for 4 weeks in Bali to aid in a psychiatric setting and English development

A short summary of MY project

I'm raising £1,400 to travel to Bali for four weeks to volunteer my time and help for those less fortunate than us. Each week I will be taking part in special needs help, children's development, mental health care, English for development and helping in the Psychiatric unit.

Who aM I?

I am currently a third year student at the University of Essex studying Psychology. I am hoping to go on and complete a doctorate in Clinical Psychology after my degree. I will be travelling with SLV: Global who provide psychology students the opportunity to travel around the world and provide help in the mental health sector.

my story

With all of my previous experience and my educational background I hope to really be able to make a difference by volunteering over there! As well as develop my own invaluable experience which I can use to help more people in the future.

In Indonesia the units that provide support are under-resourced and need further help. With this programme I'm hoping to really change some of these people's lives for the better!

Where will the money go?

  • Vaccinations and flights - £600 -£800
  • Accommodation in home-stays with the locals. This way providing the community with extra money also, while allowing me to gain great cultural insight. -£150- £200
  • If I go over my target I can use the money towards high-quality training which I will then be able to use to benefit those around me .

Find me here

Email: cwerni@essex.ac.uk

I'll be giving regular updates during my fundraising campaign. To find out how am I doing in Bali subscribe to be a supporter on the page here.

For further information regarding the programme feel free to visit SLV's website: https://slv.global/placements-abroad/bali-clinical-psychology


For any donations over £5 I will be supplying a reward!

If you donate £30 or over you will receive a personalised postcard with a picture from Bali with the photo of somebody you aided me in helping

For any donations over £100 you will receive a souvenir which I will bring back from Bali!

Help me succeed!

You don't need to donate to help, sharing this project with anyone and everyone you can will help just as much! Through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, email, telephone, or even just a chat with a friend in the street! And although you don't need to donate, any money you can give will help me greatly, I would love it if you did! Please help sponsor me so I can make this happen!