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Nursing Placement in Sri Lanka

A project by: Annie Wright


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Help me to volunteer in Sri Lanka!

Volunteering in Sri Lanka

I am a student nurse studying at The University of Essex, and have been offered an opportunity to volunteer and contribute my skills in hospitals and clinics in Sri Lanka.

I will be volunteering in the Karapitiya & Asiri Teaching Hospitals working with local consultants, doctors and nurses on various wards. This allows an insight into how Sri Lankan healthcare systems are run, as well as supporting the local healthcare system and providing care for disadvantaged communities.

Volunteering at the day centre which looks after children who are mentally or physically disabled. This involves interacting with the children through several therapies including voice training activities, basic English lessons and assisting in physiotherapy. Unfortunately, these types of centres are heavily underfunded, understaffed and are in desperate need of additional help.

The opportunity to observe and assist in the making of Ayurvedic herbal medicine, and view the benefits it brings to local health clinics. Observing several traditional treatments such as Acupuncture, to stimulate the nerves and Sirolepa and the use of herbal pastes to treat stress and anxiety.

Where will the money go?

Please support me in raising money to allow volunteers like me to continue providing healthcare and support to some of the most disadvantaged communities. Money raised will go towards:

  • Living costs: £406
  • Registration fee: £168
  • Flights: £1000 

Thank you!

  • Even the smallest donation will be appreciated, however if you cannot donate please share with friends, family and anyone who you think may be able to help!