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ACS cultural spring ball

A project by: ACS Essex ACS Essex

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Completion Date: Tue 15 Dec 2015
It will be a night of entertainment & excellence. Come and celebrate the various cultures with us!

Q: What is the ACS Essex cultural ball?

A: ACS Essex cultural ball is a night full of empowering speeches, entertainment and delicious foods. We plan to take our guests attending the event through a night of African Caribbean culture, through providing sensational experiences by the food, performances, venue and decorations.

Q: Why should I donate?

A: Good question. Have you ever wanted to try something new? Or discover more about something you are interested in? If yes, then you should donate as ACS Essex will make sure all of our attendees are immersed in the African Caribbean culture. We want everyone to come together and celebrate the different cultures within our society. Moreover, we believe it will be an excellent chance for those of different heritages to get involved with what ACS has to offer.

Q: Sounds great, what will my donation go towards?

A: Upon receiving feedback from last year’s cultural event, we understand that due to student budgets etc, the pricing of the event is a vital deciding factor in whether people attend. Therefore, instead of covering the costs of the event through the tickets sold alone, ACS Essex aim to cover the majority of the cost of the event with donations made and any additional fundraising activities eg; cake stalls, money made by events held by ACS prior to the cultural ball. This means that your donation will go towards the venue hiring and decorations used to provide the atmosphere needed to create a successful event, alongside the cost of the caterers, entertainment and photographers.

Q: I like the sound of this. However, what do I receive from donating?

A: From donating to this event, you may receive an array of rewards, depending on how you are willing to give. These vary from tickets to the cultural ball to the entire committee promoting you/your business