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Women’s Football Fundraising

A project by: Danika Kerridge



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This project received donations on Thu 17 May 2018
Please help Women’s Football raise money towards training clothes and any other club expenses.

A short summary of our project

Women’s Football are raising money towards buying their training clothes! When training it can be very cold, so it essential to be in the right type of clothing to keep us warm, but still enable us to run around! We would like to all be wearing the same training kit so that we look more professional as a club, but it is a little more expensive, so we are hoping that we can be helped out.

If we reach more than what we need, the money will go into our club account to pay for future coaching expenses, which there will most definitely be! With constant cuts to budgets it is crucial that we get the equipment we need and so this is one of the ways we have chosen to do it.

Our Story

We are a women's football club, consisting of two teams. Both teams compete at BUCS level and so we take our training and competitions very seriously. Up until the academic year 2016/7, we did not have a second team. Now that we do, it means the club has grown in size by so much, and understandably we need more money to buy stuff for our club.

Where will the money go?

The money will be spent on training gear for those who put in an order and then once this is covered we will use the rest to cover coaching costs.

The training clothing available is-

Red Training Hoodie- £16.79

Rain Jacket- £37.00

Drill Top- £39.00

Track Top- £39.00

Knit Shorts- £20.00

Technical Pants- £35.00

Training Top- £25.00

Items can be viewed here: http://www.4sportskitshop.co.uk/category-s/1939.htm and http://essex.uniclothing.net/products/1381-uewfc-team-hoodie-red.aspx


As a thank you for supporting and donating money to us, we will offer a reward. Check out what is on offer!

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Last of all, we thank you for looking at our project. Even if you are unable to donate, we would love if you could still share our campaign!

If you have any queries, please message our President at: dk16473@essex.ac.uk