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Duke of Edinburgh Society

A project by: George Schwar



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This project received donations on Thu 26 Jan 2017
Giving students exciting and career boasting opportunities

Our Society, Our Mission!

We are the Duke of Edinburgh Society at the University of Essex and we are looking to raise up to £500 to help register our Society with the local council and to put towards expeditions to enable students of this University to complete their gold award.

ABout Me?

My name is George and I am the fundraising officer for this society and I am also looking to complete my Duke of Edinburgh award this year with the university. I am really passionate about discovering new things and going on different expeditions. This is why I so much want to help my society .

About Us and Our Goals?

Our society was established in 2013 in which year we had gold standard and our tireless Executive Committee are working towards achieving this standard again. We work very closely with both Rough Edge who arrange our expeditions and Nottingham University who we partner up with on expeditions.

As said on the Duke of Edinburgh website, it is the "world's leading youth achievement award, giving millions of 14-24 year olds the opportunity to be the best they can". That is exactly what we are trying to promote as a Society.

  1. We are giving students the guidance needed to complete the stages of the award and we are getting them well prepared for both expeditions
  2. It is important to us as we want students to get the most out of their time here and leave with something immense for their CV and make sure they have a good time doing so
  3. As a donor, you are not only helping students like me to complete this prestigious award but you are also helping to keep our Society alive and allowing us to assist more and more student
What we'll do with your Generous Donations?

Any extra money will lower the overall cost of each student's expedition which is £395.

We will provide regular updates on our Facebook page

Some of the costs include:

Travel- Up to £60 per expedition

If we reach our minimum, we will register with the council and achieve the gold standard which is the critical aim of this project.

Any money we make over the minimum will go on kit for our expedition and towards travel.

Camp Site Fees- £30-£40 ; Cooker - £80


We do offer some great rewards for anyone who decided to support us. Please check them out.


A Short Video on Our Society https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xE3rDZjyftw&feature=youtu.be Our Facebook page


A Little Message From Us

We do ask that you read through our pitch and even if you do not donate please do pass this on as we need as much support as we can get. We know we cannot grant rewards but this funding is for an amazing cause you will help better the education and prospects of the current and future students.