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A project by: Aylin Rodoplu


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The Womb. This is a place where no one knows the address, but everyone knows how to get there. This is a place where no one knows what it is, but everyone is familiar with it. This is a place where no one knows if it’s real, but everyone knows what they feel is real. Maybe not everyone, but every woman. Women come here to forget. But can they? Can they forget the things that made them end up in this place?

The Womb is an absurd play about the absurd things that women have been going through since the beginning of the world.

Be prepared to laugh at how utterly ridiculous and weird this play is, and ask yourself if maybe the world of The Womb and the world we live in might not be that far apart after all...


Co Theatre is an emerging female-led theatre company that aims to encourage and inspire women of all ages, bringing bold and provocative newly written original plays of women’s stories to the stage. Aylin Rodoplu and Elise Xiaqi Eriksen are the co-founders of Co Theatre and creative team of The Womb, which is our company’s first and current production. 



Our journey started in November 2023, when Aylin’s play The Womb was picked as one of the six plays to be produced for the International Festival of Original Work at East 15 Acting School. As we kept exploring the world of The Womb in the rehearsal space, it evolved a real need to tell this story, not only for ourselves but for others that might be struggling with vocalizing their own experiences. After our performances at the festival, we received very encouraging, inspiring, and empowering responses from the audience. That made us realize the potential of the play and how big of an impact it can make if it meets with a wider audience.

We truly care about this play because it's about us, it's about women, and it's about the world we live in. We want to be heard and seen, and we’re telling this story because countless women who see themselves—or friends/family/coworkers/etc. —in this story deserves the same chance as well. We want this play to remind women of the flame we all have in our hearts!

why do we need your support?

We are in the process of applying to multiple theatre festivals both in the UK and abroad. In addition, we've also been in contact with several London venues to set up a weeklong run of our show. We’re proud to say that the play is starting to enter the world of emerging work within the UK, and we’ve already been confirmed for a couple performances in different places this year! 

Where will the money go? 

By donating to Co Theatre’s production of The Womb, you will help a group of graduating and emerging talent as they take their first steps into the professional world of theatre and creative arts!

  • Costume and prop (rentals & purchases): 100GBP
  •  Venue hire for performances: 750GBP
  • Application & registration fees: 250GBP
  • Marketing and advertisement (printed & online advertisement): 200GBP
  • Insurance: 175GBP
  • Technician (to run lights, sound & music) : 200GBP
  • Transport: 75GBP

Minimum target: 1000GBP

Full target: 1750GBP

Should we be lucky enough to raise more than what our full target is, we aim to use the rest of the money to fund future productions of The Womb, as well as payment for our creatives & cast!


We are pleased to announce that we’ll also be offering some rewards to anyone who wants to donate a certain amount to the production of The Womb

Find us here 

For regular updates and sneak peeks into what we’ll be doing in the near future, head off to Instagram and follow @thewomb.co !

Help us succeed!

Money isn’t everything, and so if you find yourself in a position where you do want to help us but aren’t able to donate, don’t worry because there are many other ways you can help us reach our goal, such as:

  • Telling your friends and family about us!
  •  Sharing the crowdfunding with others on social media!
  • Give us a follow on our Instagram page: @thewomb.co!
  •  Getting tickets to our upcoming shows!

The possibilities are endless, and we are so thankful for every little bit of help along the way!