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The Maids

A project by: Fran Olivares


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This project received donations on Mon 09 Jul 2018
By Jean Genet and Translated by Benedict Andrews and Andrew Upton.

A short summary of your project

The Maids is an exquisite classic theatre piece, which will be part of the East 15 MFA Theatre Directors Showcase to Stockwell Playhouse, but we need your help to make this possible!

Who are you?

Part of E15 MFA Director's Showcase.

After two great years of learning and challenges, we are finally graduating and getting ready to showcase all of our fabulous, extraordinary work at the Stockwell Playhouse Theatre in London.

I'm Fran Olivares

An international Theatre Maker, originally from Chile. During my time at the school, I had the great opportunity to direct a Chilean play, Beasts (Las Brutas), written by Juan Radrigán at the Bread and Roses Theatre. I was also Assistant Director for The Big House Theatre Company, in the immersive theatre show "Phoenix Rising" at the Smithfield Car Park.

Sebastian Zeballos, Assistant Director.

My compatriot and theatre director, is helping us to make the magic happen. Seb, is also studying the MFA directing programme at East 15, and will be graduating next year. He directed several plays in Chile, such as "Vía Recta" by Tomás Díaz, "Manjar: dos Chilenos conversando" by Rodrigo Canales. He also has assisted Simon Usher in the MFA international Showcase "Medea", and music for "Beast" directed by Fran Olivares (me).

Laura Arroyo-Rocha, Sylvia Spyratou and Ioanna Lantzanakis

Are extremely talented graduates from Wimbledon College of Art's Theatre Design MA program. They have teamed up to design all three East 15 shows that will be happening at the Stockwell Playhouse.

Christopher Mc Dougall

Sounds designer. Actor and Musician, just graduated from E15 Acting School.

Your story

The Maids company is composed by a diverse group of theatre makers from the UK, Chile, France and North America. We are all driven and motivated by the political relevance the play displays, due to the current context of gender politics around the world. Likewise, we are very excited to be working on a classic French theatre piece, through such a bold and resonating translation.

The Maids presents a series of sadomasochistic power games, where two sisters and housemaids, Claire and Solange, live in constant tension, alternating between love and hatred toward their mistress. Every night in the solitude of the house, when she is away, they steal her clothes and perform a ritual, where one of them plays the role of the Madame and the other, the servant who tries to kill her. This macabre staging generates an incommensurable pleasure on them, allowing them to exist by being Madame - venting their anger in the roles of victim and perpetrator. But fiction and reality are easily confused and the two women eventually become victims of their own obsessive and perverse games.

The Maids team is working really hard to create a meaningful and beautiful play, but we really need your help to make this possible and help us bringing this amazing project to life in London. All of the funds raised through this campaign will go directly into helping produce this piece.

Help us make our dream come true... we need your help!

Where will the money go?

Our minimum goal will help pay for our set and costumes, as well as a fair fee to the designers. This will mean that the cast won't be paid except for an even share of the ticket sales. If we hit our full target, this is how we have broken down the budgeted amount, giving all designers and cast members fair pay:

  • £800 Set + Costumes
  • £300 Designer fee (£100 for each designer)
  • £600 Actors - rehearsals and 2 performances (£200 x Actors)
  • £200 Rehearsal space
  • £100 Assistant Director
  • £180 Stage Manager
  • £100 Photographer and Videographer
  • £75 Sound Designer
  • £100 Posters/Flyers/Programs
  • £50 Facebook Ads
  • Rewards

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