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Please help get our Award Winning play,'Testament', to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!



The realities of life, dream and hallucination are beautifully interwoven offering the spectator an                                                amazing journey' (Marcin Rudy, Song Of The G oat).

Winner of The Creativity Award 2018. In the beginning God created the heavens and earth and... Max! After a car crash, Max questions what happened to Tess. Answers take the form of apparitionsof modernised biblical characters, aiding Max in his discovery or tempting him away. His only hope of recovery lies in the hands of a brother whose guilt is driving him away. ‘A beautiful piece about Love and Loss’ (Luke Clarke, The Alchemist).


Edinburgh Fringe provides us, as an emerging theatre company, with the perfect platform to showcase our work to industry professionals as well as a wide pool of audiences. It provides invaluable experience, as well as providing many chances to win a variety of awards which would benefit our reputation. Everyone from producers, reviewers, casting directors, directors, national and international venues will be in Edinburgh over the course of the festival, therefore providing us with a wealth of opportunities in order to develop and grow as a company.

However Edinburgh is one big ol' expensive investment and in order to get there, so we can seize upon such an amazing opportunity, we need your help!


Sam and Will represent the best of young British emerging artists. Their work displays great sensitivity and a thoughtfulness for their audience. I’m excited to see how they shape the next generation of theatre in this country. Jesse Briton- Bear Trap Theatre Company, Wassail Theatre Company and The Jones Collective.

Chalk Line Theatre was formed in 2017. The company consists of two actors/theatre makers (Sam Edmunds and William Patrick Harrison) all of whom trained on the Acting and Contemporary Theatre course at East 15 Acting School. We have recently won the Epping Forest Creativity Award and The Love Luton Award, as well as being commissioned by Imagine Luton and Arts Council England to create work for the Imagine Luton Festival 2018

Smashing old form to create new foundations. Chalk Line offers raw and punchy stories based on human experience. Exploring the threshold between cinema and theatre, we aim to take audiences on a journey they have yet to have experienced, communicating through spoken word, electronic soundscapes and live video feed. An exploding cinematic pallet, with colours of politics and compassion, our work looks to create a new form which connects and uplifts urban communities.


Testament is an award winning show, receiving the Epping Forest Creativity Award 2018. It was first performed at East 15's Debut Festival, were it received rave reviews:

“Testament” is a beautiful piece about loss and love. Most of the action takes place from inside the mind of car crash survivor as he’s recovering, allowing for an interesting insight into the fragmented and non-liner process of our memories. The show leads us on a journey that asks important questions about the value we place on relationships and the importance of our shared experiences.  It’s a thoughtful piece that thoroughly charmed me. - Luke Clarke The Alchemist Theatre Company

Without a question this show was created by true artists. Whether one is looking for creative writing, great directing or charismatic actors - this performance has it all. The realities of life, dream and hallucination are beautifully interwoven offering the spectator an amazing journey. I sat in absolute stillness for the whole show. Questions, emotions, feelings were coming and going in the most organic and natural way. Having won Fringe First, back during my acting career, I know how difficult it is to create something that stands out from hundreds of shows. This show certainly has something magical, that the audience will certainly remember. Marcin Rudy- Song of The Goat


https://vimeo.com/258694160 password:edinbrughpromo

Where will the money go?

As previously mentioned the Fringe is an expensive trip with many costs. We need money to pay for:

  • Venue - £3000
  • Accommodation - £3300
  • Travel - £400
  • Set/Costume/Props - £300
  • Insurance - £100
  • Fringe Registration Fee - £295
  • Marketing - £400
  • Van hire and petrol to transport the above: £100
  • Preview Guarantee- £100

TOTAL - £7995.00

We have many rewards for those that can support us, so please check them out when donating!

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