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Star Streaker: The Musical - Revival 2017

A project by: Christopher Lumby



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This project received donations on Tue 15 Nov 2016
Please support and help me bring this musical, which premiered 4 years ago, back to the stage.

Star Streaker: TheMusical - Revival, January 2017

I am trying to raise £300 to enable me to revive a musical wrote and had performed in November 2012. 4 years on and I wish to see it back on the stage.

Set in the fictional village of New Fieldings, the story follows a so-called 'Perfect Girl', Delilah, and Tommy's quest for love. However, just when the two love-birds find perfection in each other, Tommy's ex-girlfriend, Cara, appears and she will not take any prisoners. 

Meet The Main Characters: 

TOMMY SMITH -  A boy, aged 17,from New Fieldings who falls in love with Delilah when he saves her. Ex-boyfriend of Cara, who he hates. 

DELILAH MALDANERA -  The "Perfect" girl hold a sercet. Somehow ends up in the village of New Fieldings.  Falls in love with Tommy. 

CARA EDWARDS -  Tommy's ex-girlfriend, leader of a possy and the bitch of New Fieldings High School. Intimidates Tommy and Delilah.

FRED JONES - Tommy's best mate, leader of the boys groups, the school joker, thinks he's cool, not a very academic boy. 

DAISY CLARKE - Leader of the girls group, becomes Delilah's best friend, fancies Fred. 

ELLIE SMITH -  Tommy's sister, daughter of George. Quite a smart pupil, always achieving good grades. 

GEORGE SMITH - Father to Tommy and Ellie. The person who gives Tommy advice on his girl troubles.

DAVID COOPER -  Another of Fred's mates who is also mates with Tommy.

MR HARLINGTON – Head teacher at New Fielding’s High School and the History teacher. 

Christopher McDougall

I am an actor in training, who has always had a passion for writing new material and producing it. For many years I have been writing songs, even a few short plays, and this musical is a very special creation that deserves to be shown. Now I am really hoping to get my show on the stage with your support. Every donation would be much appreciated and would be put into costumes, decor ,venue , lights and staff for the play.

What's The Plan?

The plan is to use the money to allow this student based production to go ahead and have a short run in our theatre, here at East 15, Southend. All the money will go into funding for theatre staff and buying costume, set and props required for the production. 

New theatre is somethings we as very little of today, especially in England and places in America. This is an opportunity to showcase new talent, new writing and brand new songs to the world. Please help us do that!


  1. £10-£30 = A shout out on social media
  2. £30-£60 = A shout out on social media and a signed show poster
  3. £60-£90 = A shout out on social media, a signed show poster and two free tickets
  4. £100 (or over) = A shout out on social media, a signed show poster, three free tickets and a chance to sit in on a rehearsal for the show

Find us here:



Information about the musical can be found a the above links!

Even if you are unable to help us this time, please share and spread the word! 

Thank you for you support! It is much appreciated!