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Get Shellie's Stolen Camera Lens replaced!

A project by: Josh Gulrajani


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This project received donations on Fri 09 Sep 2016
Let's help a former SU Staff member who has helped us so much!

My name is Josh, I work at Essex Students’ Union, and I have set up this page for my good friend and colleague Shellie, or “The Girl with the Camera!”

Shellie was the victim of a horrible theft recently, which saw her robbed of all the photography equipment she owned, even her very first camera :( The equipment was worth around £5,500 in total, and because the robbers were really clever and tactical, the insurance claim failed and she isn’t getting any of it back! 

Whilst a student at Essex Uni, Shellie took photos of everything, literally the entire of campus was snapped! She took over 2000 photos of all of the 2016 graduates just a month ago, and even worked all-night shifts to get some amazing photos of students at our Summer Ball! She has gone above and beyond what was ever expected of a student member of staff, and was even the president of the Photography Society at the University, allowing other students to tap into their unknown potential!

Having known Shellie for three years, I know just how much photography means to her personally, but also financially. Working at the Students' Union is her main source of income whilst a student and this has now been robbed. I also know how kind-hearted she is, if you have ever asked her to do you a favour before, in whatever walk of life you have known her, you will know, however busy she is, she will fit you in.

I have already been fundraising to try to replace her stolen camera, but I set up this page to raise money for her favourite, and most used camera lens! She only purchased it a couple of months before the theft, so this means a great deal!

It doesn’t matter who you are: student, staff, family, friend, or alumni. If you have been to the University you have definitely seen some of her photos and have definitely benefited from the dedication she has for our Students’ Union. Plus, by donating through Click, your donation will be matched by the University, and you can receive some great thank you gifts from us, so every little bit helps :)

I ask that you please donate £2 to help. Shellie knows that I’ve set up this page, but she didn’t want to ask people for money. I think it’s not a lot of money: a pint of soft drink or a starbucks coffee (both of which she has probably served you in the SU Bar!). But if we all give that little bit, it all adds up!

Thanks xoxo