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Wildlife Sense ~ Turtle Research & Conservation

A project by: Samantha Adams-Nimmo


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This project received donations on Mon 29 May 2017
Two weeks of research and conservation of the endangered Sea Turtle, on the island of Kefalonia.

Sea Turtle Conservation

This summer, I hope to be working alongside a research group known as Wildlife Sense for two weeks from the 10th to the 24th of September. Wildlife Sense is a charity and research organisation which studies the ever-decreasing population of Loggerhead Sea Turtles of the coast of Kefalonia, Greece. The project aims to study and protect the endangered Sea Turtles and their nests from damage, to have the maximum number of hatchlings reaching the sea safely to ensure their future survival as a species.

Every year, sea turtles migrate to Kefalonia to forage and reproduce. However, both human and natural events often damage and destroy many eggs. The turtles themselves are regularly injured or killed by accidental boat strikes, entrapment in fishing gear, or after swallowing plastics left behind by littering. These threats push the sea turtles of Kefalonia closer to the brink of extinction.

Therefore, to be able to take part I am aiming to raise £900 to cover the costs of both the project work, and travel expenses.

About me

My name is Samantha and I am a 1st year Biosciences student, studying Marine Biology. As I am passionate about the oceans and the animals that reside within them, I think this project is a perfect fit for me as it combines something I am enthusiastic about with my degree discipline.


The volunteering role involves the surveying of beaches, looking for any recently laid nests, and then recording the abundance and condition of the eggs inside. By taking part in the project in September I hope to be able to monitor the hatching stage of the turtles, and ensure that the hatchlings have the best possible opportunity to reach the sea.

Shifts may involve survey work, counting the number of potential hatching sites, or protection of the nests from light pollution or those who may disrupt the nest sites. With the information gathered, Wildlife Sense will be able to continuously improve their conservation methods and maximise the reproductive success of Kefalonia’s turtle population.

Where will your donations go?

Target: £750

This target covers the cost of the project, including:

• Shared accommodation with other volunteers on the project

• Food (cooked in rota by the volunteers)

• An official researcher t-shirt

• Ongoing training and project operation costs

• Return flights to Kefalonia

• Minibus transport to UK airport and airport pickup and drop off in Kefalonia

The extra money (if reached) will be used as an upgrade to my personal photography equipment, to deliver even higher quality reward photographs.


I am offering rewards as thanks for donating to my project. These may range from images, to postcard to links on social media! Check them out on the right-hand side of my page.

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Thank you!

Any support will be greatly appreciated. Please share this project with anyone you think would be wanting to support me – on Twitter, Facebook, etc..