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Roadside Funeral

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This project received donations on Tue 05 Sep 2023
A short fiction film about the intricacies of brotherhood and shared grief.

A short summary of your project

This project aims to bring a short fiction screenplay we have written to life. ‘Roadside Funeral’ follows two brothers who become stranded whilst transporting their mother’s casket to a funeral. It will tackle themes of grief, dependency, brotherhood and healing through a short contemplative drama film. 

Who are you?

This film is being produced by Dominic and Marty, past and present University of Essex film students who are eager to embark on their own independent filmmaking journey, utilising the skills we cultivated to create a compelling and captivating film. Collaboration is at the heart of our creative process, and we are thrilled to be working alongside talented filmmakers we have met during previous projects. Together, we aim to bring forth a powerful and evocative film that resonates with audiences that have similar experiences with grief. To ensure the highest production standards and artistic excellence, we seek your support and funding. Your contribution will not only empower us to bring this vision to life but also allow us to collaborate with additional talents and specialists who will further elevate the quality of our production. Our commitment to this project runs deep, and with your generous support, we aspire to craft a film that leaves a lasting impact, inviting audiences to explore the complexities of the human experience through the lens of visual storytelling.

Your story

From director/writer Marty:

“I am excited to present a deeply personal and heartfelt film project that has been in development since my recent graduation. This story holds profound significance to me as it explores the complexities of my relationship with close family members while incorporating various experiences with grief that I have encountered throughout my life. Through this film, we aim to share a deeply intimate and unfolding narrative that delves into a topic that I believe can only be truly expressed through this art form. By shedding light on this universal yet elusive emotion, my hope is to provide a platform for meaningful conversations, allowing audiences to connect and resonate with the journeys depicted on the screen.”

From Producer/DOP Dominic:

“Your invaluable support, whether through financial contributions or word-of-mouth promotion, will play a pivotal role in bringing this vision to life. With your help, we aspire to actualise this project, crafting a film that will launch myself into the dynamic and enriching world of the film industry, where we can continue to tell compelling and meaningful stories.”

Where will the money go?

We are at a pivotal moment in the development of this project, and securing funding is paramount to its success. Throughout our past endeavours, we have navigated projects with resourcefulness and ingenuity, relying on favours and creative solutions to work within limited budgets. However, for this particular story, we recognise the indispensable value of seasoned actors and experienced crew members, elevating the project to a new standard in quality. The majority of the allocated funds will be directed towards essential elements, such as props and meticulous location arrangements, ensuring the film's authenticity and immersive storytelling. 

The following are the ideal amounts of funding for each category:

Travel: £200

Location and props: £250

Casting/Crew: £150

All money raised past this point will go towards upgrading the quality of our crew and equipment.


Donations over £15 will receive your name in the credits of the final film.

Donations over £30 will receive a behind the scenes video compilation.

Donations over £50 will receive a personalised video thank you message.

Donation over £100 will receive regular updates on the progress and all rewards below.

Donations over £500 will receive a special “Associate Producer” credit for the project.

Find us here

For more information and updates on the project please follow our instagram page: @roadsidefuneral or contact our email roadsidefuneralfilm@gmail.com with any enquiries you might have.