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Puss In Boots - TAS Christmas Pantomime

A project by: Jack Parker



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This project received donations on Thu 28 Dec 2017
Help fund something spectacular this Christmas!

Puss in boots

The Theatre Arts Society at the University of Essex are fundraising to make the annual Christmas pantomime more spectacular than ever before!

Who are you?

The production team consists of one writer, two directors, two choreographers, two musical directors as well as all of our fantastic production designers that are making our set, lighting and sound plans. Oh, yes, and of course our wonderful cast of twenty-four who add the charisma and energy into what looks set to be an absolutely fantastic Christmas panto!

Your story

The Theatre Arts Society is a welcoming society on campus that year after year, sees new people join and take part in all it has to offer. The Christmas pantomime is arguably the biggest show of the year and caps off the academic year for many students here at the University of Essex. Not only student come however, with the ever-growing list of people joining onto the Lakeside Theatre's membership scheme, we feel we have a responsibility to show them what our pantomime is all about and to keep people coming back year after year!

We're fundraising to be able to afford the best possible set, props and special effects that we can. We're talking glitz, glamour and of course, with your funding, some confetti explosions at the end!

The project is particularly important as we want to really help cement the Theatre Arts Society's place on campus and continue it's ever-welcoming presence to all who are looking to try someone new. People make friends, get to perform and ultimately get a taste for something brand new whilst at University, and without fundraising, a lot of what we do may not be possible.

Your money would help to sustain a completely individual experience for those in the show and those watching. We want to make this the most impressive pantomime yet and for you to feel like you've been a part of making this happen.

Where will the money go?

Our preliminary budgeting leaves us a little short of all of our total costs, and this is where your help will come in!

We are looking for funding to buy/rent some more costumes (especially for our Dame, who doesn't want to see the most glamorous Dame that has ever graced the Lakeside Theatre?! - £300


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Images and video

More to come soon!

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Buy your tickets here: http://lakesidetheatre.org.uk/events/puss-in-boots/

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