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A project by: Harris Allen


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Greggs Sausage Roll: 90p | Newcastle Brown Ale: £3.75 | Getting PITS to Fringe: £6,119.63

Meat Lab present: Pits

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019

"Sitcom, stand-up and satire collide in this brassy, ballsy debut. A genuine knee-slapper: in-yer-face jokes, over the top performances and heart to spare." - Christopher Brett Bailey Part stand-up-set, part-kitchen-sink-drama, Pits will take you on a massive Geordie bender of a night out on the Toon, make you laugh until you cannit breathe, and then corner you in the smoking area to put the world to rights.

Written by Louise Barron and directed by Ami Okumura Jones, Pits marks Meat Lab’s outrageous, urgent, and disgracefully funny Edinburgh Fringe debut.

About Us:

Meat Lab is a company of somewhat multinational, almost fully female led, and 100% raucous young theatre artists.

It is made up of graduating actors, writers and theatre makers Ami Okumura Jones, Harris Allen and Louise Barron. We met on East 15’s acclaimed Acting & Contemporary Theatre course. We’re all about looking our audiences dead in the eyes and finding new, utterly commanding means of telling stories.

Meat Lab have so far premiered two short films and three original pieces of theatre, one of which we are making exciting plans to take further this summer - 

About the Show:

Pits is mint. Like, propa mint.

But don’t just take our word for it, listen to our mates:

Pits is a play that grabs you by collar and immerses you in a loud, vibrant, unapologetic world full of characters you'd like to stay and have a few drinks with.”

“Never seen another story more deserving of telling than Pits - it was lush!”

“Its powerful message about class, aspirations and humanity is artfully interwoven with a damn good time. I'd go see it again and again.”

McKenzie Hepburn is 19 years old and wants to be a stand-up comic. There aren’t many council-housed Geordie lass comedians out there, but that just means she’ll be the first one. Right? 

Pits is an outrageous and unflinching look at the ties that bind our communities together and the divides tearing our society apart.

It will be premiering at Underbelly Bristo Square for a full month run of the Fringe Festival.

Why Do We Need your Hard-Earned Money?

The Fringe is appallingly expensive.

However, it is still the best way for us to share our story and to generate interest to tour it around the country.

There are various costs we have to cover to make this dream a reality. We've already managed to cover some of these...

• Venue Deposit - £1,888.53

• Brochure Fees - £600.00

• Fringe Registration Fee - £393.60

• Printing & Marketing - £400.00

...but we still need to raise more:

• Accommodation - £2,437.50

• Travel - £400.00

TOTAL - £6,119.63

Even as it is, this is a pretty conservative budget, not accounting for set, costume etc. We're hoping to make this up from various sources, obviously including ticket sales when we get there, but your support here would be crucial to making this possible!


We’ve noticed that most people don’t really donate to these things because they want useless bits of crap we made lying around their houses, they do it because they want to help us out! So, we’ve decided to not send you a signed poster if you donate, but we are more than happy to shout to the whole world about your generosity on our social media platforms if you’d like.

Speaking of which:




And also check out our website!

If you can’t donate but you’d like to support us anyway why not share this link to your own social media! Any and all support is appreciated x