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Original Listening - Headphone Performance

A project by: Finn Todd



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This project received donations on Mon 16 Apr 2018
Help me fund new and exciting Headphone Theatre and Performance!

A short summary of My project

Headphone performance within the digital theatre community is picking up pace, with companies such as Complicite, Darkfield and the artistic duo Lundahl and Seitl creating intimate, stimulating, immersive pieces using binaural sound. I wish to help pioneer a research community in this area and help inspire others to explore this new wave of digital theatre. Once my Masters is complete, I wish to establish a theatre company that specialises in this area of performance, and I hope to use the equipment to help further my career and research!

Here are some examples from companies at the forefront of the genre:

Who Am I?

My name is Finn Todd and I am a current Masters by Dissertation student studying intimacy and proximity in Headphone performance in the LiFTs Department.

MY story

In my first year at university, I went along the the Lakeside Theatre and saw a production called Fiction. This was a game changer for me, to enjoy an entire play only through headphones and in complete darkness was something that I had never experienced before. It was a type of immersion that was new, original and really exciting! I began pursuing sound in the theatre, getting involved with tech teams for different productions. Together with my love for writing and playing with sound, researching Headphone performance and engaging with it practically, seemed like the right direction for me to take in order to further my career in this industry!

It's important that I have the funds to start creating work and art for my research and to begin experimenting. I also want to kick start a new interest in the Theatre community here at Essex, getting as many people who are interested in this area as involved as possible, whether that being hands on with the equipment or performing in the pieces. Donors will help fund a growing interest within the theatre community and one that is challenging, new and exciting for all who want to be involved.

Where will the money go?

3Dio Free Space Binaural Microphone - £380.71

Grip Handle - £22.89

Digital Recorder - £30-50

Shipping £50.53

Total: £500

Find us here

Twitter - https://twitter.com/FinnTodd17

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/finn.todd

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