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A project by: YANJUN WU


WE RAISED £2,135

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This project received donations on Thu 27 Jul 2023
This is a theatre about the tampering and reconstruction of memory.

A short summary of your project

This is an original work, inspired by the author's endless insomnia. Are you also troubled by insomnia? In a certain time dimension in the future, a plague named "Mnemosvne(God of Sleep)" swept the entire world, accompanied by severe amnesia, and as it spread wantonly, more and more people became "people without past" people". So "Who am I?" This philosophical issue becomes more and more serious.

At the same time, some people began to make money in this disaster by selling the "past", and even became a new savior, worshiped by the world, but they didn't know that this savior was also a poor person without "past".

In this era of reckless writing of the past, everyone has become the person they want to be in their fantasy.

And when this plague recedes, when they all return to the real past, a new and more deadly ideological disaster of "self-identity crisis" ushers in.

"Mnemosvne" is a play that uses a nested structure to interpret memory. In the absurd narrative, a large number of nested structures and the use of multimedia, I believe it can give audiance not only a story, but also a perfect experience of senses and thoughts.

Come, join us and compose the "past"...

your story The idea of this work originated from the concept of exploring a new theme of "science fiction realism", hoping to give science fiction more philosophical and practical significance. This script was created in 2014 and has been further revised recently to incorporate some new elements. Include some fun comedic elements to make heavy topics more interesting and enjoyable to watch. In 2022, when I came to the UK to study directing, I accepted more new cultural elements, so I and my classmates from the East15 acting school MA Directing decided to carry forward this idea. We recruited some artists and participants from different cultures. We met regularly to refine the script and had many meetings and workshops. We believe that we will definitely bring you a new and interesting work.

Where will the money be used?

Minimum:£2000 (only for the event to happen)

Actor's fee = £200/person * 3 actors = £600

Cost of sets and props = £200

Technician's fee during the performance = £100/day * 4 performance days = £400

venue rent for performance =£150/day* 4days = £600

Creative team transportation costs = £50/person * 3 (1 director, 1 assistant director and 1 stage manager) = £150 

Marketing = £50 (printed posters and leaflets)

Goal: £ 3050 (what we hope to reach to make a beautiful show,in he best conditions possible)

 Actor's fee = £200/person * 3 actors = £600

Transport costs for actors = £100 per person * 3 actors = £300

Creative team transportation costs = £100/person * 3 (1 director, 1 assistant director and 1 stage manager) = £300

 Cost of sets and props = £500

Marketing = £50 (printed posters and leaflets) + £100 (advertising on social media) = £150

Designer's fee = £100 (set designer) + £100 (costume designer) = £200

Technician's fee during the performance = £100/day * 4 performance days = £400

venue rent for performance =£150/day* 4days = £600


£10 = shout out on our social media (…) as a supporter. £20 = a free ticket to Mnemosvne + social media credits £40 = two free tickets to Mnemosvne + an autographed poster + promotional report More then £100 = In addition to enjoying all the above benefits, you become a sponsor of "Mnemosvne". perhaps you have chance to get an immersive experience from a text perspective.It would be great to add your story as the memory of the characters in play with play. which can come from your own stories. But you can also recreate or make up, it's up to you. Of course, this needs to be edited together with our writer. When you are sitting in the audience, you can see your own story on the stage, which is a very magical experience.

More then £200 = enjoy all the benefits above, plus you will be given the immersive experience from a text perspective surely. We will include your logo on promotional materials for the show. (Pictures and Video) VIP Invitation to Rehearsal Step into the rehearsal room, spend the day with the cast and director, and see the creative process of the show.

find us here Instagram: mnemosvne_the_show

Help us succeed Are you also troubled by insomnia?

Are you satisfied with your "past"?

Is losing your memory pain or happiness for you?

If you could rewrite your memory at will, would you choose to reconstruct your memory?

Are you true to "Who am I?" or are you willing to live in the past that you have made up for yourself?

If you were a memory reconstructor, what kind of memory would you weave for yourself or for others?

If you had a chance to become the new savior after Jesus by composing a deception like "memory", would you be the banker of this deception? How would you choose?

Please direct all your enthusiasm and support to us so that this interesting script can shine on stage and bring joy and thought to the audience.

Please share this project with anyone you think will support us - on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, via email, phone, chat on the fence or on your blog. In fact, please share it with everyone you know, because we think it's a great idea, and the more people who know about this project, the better chance we have of making this project a great one. We know we said that you don't need to give money to help us, but if you did, we would be happy and would solve our problems to a large extent! Please sponsor us and help us achieve this goal! Please sponsor us and help us make this happen.