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A project by: Vivian - Paraskevi Tsitampani


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This project received donations on Fri 05 Aug 2022
Can you also hear the lamp talking?


We are raising £2910 to help fund our play to go to Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

Miss Magics was born out of the wonderful mind of Vilma Paananen, half genius, half child of nature. Hailing from Finland she brings an exciting and unique enquiry into modern day love and life. The story came alive on the stage for the first time during East 15's International Festival, we are so excited to share it with a new audience!

Who are we?

As East15 students from the class of 2022, we are a team of multifaceted artists that love to create and explore the questions that modern life poses. We come from many different countries which gives us a multidimensional perspective in our explorations. we love to work as an ensemble and we write devise and explore as a group.

As quite a young company, we are still experimenting and finding out what stories draw us together. We think our work often has a playful, humorous, childlike tone, which is an exciting juxtaposition against genuine heartfelt issues that we feel the need to explore together.

our story

We as a company have all had experiences where we have been so inspired by Fringe Work, potentially more so than other forms of theatre. It is a place for experimenting, breaking taboos, and sharing. We believe Miss Magics is a perfect show for Fringe, its a crowd pleaser whilst also brushing up against uncomfortable topics. Its international cast bring so much zeal and fresh playfulness, which is exactly the inspiring atmosphere we have all found when visiting the Fringe.

Fringe is historically the biggest and most multicultural theatre festival in Europe. Edinburgh Fringe is also a great platform to showcase new work and get your work seen by new audiences. It's also a great opportunity to get our new theatre company up and running. This is a stepping stone to get our show out in the world and start our first tour.

Where will the money go?

We were offered the chance to perform our show at the C ARTS venues from the 20th 'till the 24th of August and we're so delighted to have this amazing opportunity! But to do so we need your support!  All the money raised will go towards paying for the venue, accommodation, travel expenses, and marketing.  

Breakdown of costs: 

  • Fringe Submission: £250 
  • Venue hire (one week): £1300
  • Accommodation costs (9 days x 8 people) £1360

If we reach our stretch goal of £4,000 we will contribute towards travel costs for the cast getting to Edinburgh, and fund promotion for the performance including printing posters and flyers. Any funds raised over our target will go towards future performances of Miss Magics.


We have some amazing rewards coming your way!!!!!!!

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/miss_magics_/

Help us succeed!

Please share our endeavour with your friends and family! Any little help will go a long way!!!