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Imagine Luton Festival

A project by: Sam Edmunds



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This project received donations on Wed 02 May 2018
Lost For Words- a roaming piece of promenade theatre exploring identity, language and communication.

A short summary of our project

The development and creation of a new interactive street theatre piece by Chalk Line Theatre, exploring themes of identity, language, communication and acceptance, commissioned by the Imagine Luton festival.

Who we are?

Smashing old form to create new foundations. Chalk Line offers raw and punchy stories based on human experience. Exploring the threshold between cinema and theatre, we aim to take audiences on a journey they have yet to have experienced, communicating through spoken word, electronic soundscapes and live video feed. An exploding cinematic pallet, with colours of politics and compassion, our work looks to create a new form which connects and uplifts urban communities.

Where will the money go?

£200 will cover accommodation for three actors at the Imagine Luton Festival for one night.

Any additional money raised will go towards covering other expenses for the Festival such as costumes. lights and travelling.

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Facebook- Chalk Line Theatre

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This exploration is perfect for Luton’s diverse community; highlighting the

struggles the community faces with communication, inspiring them to reach out

and change this. Each character has to break free from their time period and

join us in ours, symbolizing how the Luton community need to break free of their

societal structures and embrace each community around them.


• Establish ourselves as a homegrown theatre company in Luton, bringing skills

we have learnt back with us

• To reconnect with the creative community in Luton and build new relationships

for future collaborations.

• Inspire a community to engage with the arts and each other.

• To celebrate Luton’s growing diversity and show it in a positive light.


Imagine Luton is a new celebratory outdoor arts festival taking place throughout Luton Town Centre, bringing the streets to life with amazing interactive theatre, circus, dance and music performances, free for all the family. The festival had a successful first year in 2017, showcasing world-class acts alongside the best of home-grown talent, bringing communities together and creating countless magical moments!

Audiences were treated to all kinds of unexpected colourful encounters with mischievous roaming theatrical characters, acrobats flying through the air, impromptu street raves, high-energy dance acts, stunning stilt-walkers, fantastical cycle machines and much more.

“It provided an opportunity to reach a large captive audience and promote your message in today’s competitive marketplace. • Brand association with an exciting high-profile event that enriches the community.

• Excellent exposure for your brand with your logo included on festival promotional materials. • Coverage in regional and national press. • Social media mentions through various platforms. As a high-profile event that is free for all family to attend. Imagine Luton has already proven to have a positive impact on the town centre by attracting new visitors, increasing footfall and encouraging people to stay out longer – all to the benefit of local businesses and reviving the night-time economy.” CILUTON.