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Help the Flames travel to competition

A project by: Sophie vom Kolke



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This project received donations on Thu 19 Mar 2020
Help the Flames to pay for travel expenses

A short summary of your project

The Essex Flames compete at two national university level competitions each year. Through fundraising and the click project we aim to reduce the cost of what is an already expensive sport especially for struggling students! This year we will be competing at Future Cheer University Nationals in Manchester and BCA University Nationals in Derby. The money raised will help cover the travel costs for BCA, the second competition we attend. It would be amazing to be able to reach this target and reduce the costs for our members! 

Who are you?

The Essex Flames are a university cheerleading team and compete at national competitions every year. Many of our members have never done cheer before joining university and learned everything from scratch. In addition, we are a gold standard club for our exceptional charity and fundraising work. As a club, we really value giving back to the community and our members participate in multiple volunteering events throughout the year. So far this year we have already raised over £1000 for charities such as the Breast Cancer Foundation, Help for Heros and Crisis at Christmas. Some of our members also volunteered at the Global Village on Campus, Clarks Farm Greyhound rescue and Future Cheer's Essential Competition. 

In 2018/2019 our club was awarded the RAG (Raising and Giving) Award for our fundraising efforts, as well as being shortlisted for Club of the Year. 

Your story

We would like to reduce the costs for coach hire for our members which are currently £1450 in total. We currently have 53 members across 4 competitive teams who have been working incredibly hard since October in order to perform their very best at the upcoming competitions. 

Cheerleading requires a lot of dedication with our teams training multiple times a week including early morning training sessions close to competitions. We understand extra-curricular alongside studying can be very demanding and we care about the wellbeing of our members which is why we like to do as much as we can to reduce the strain in them. So far this year we have hosted 5 fundraisers and also raised £1045 through our last click projects. We hope to continue this work and further reduce our members financial strain with this click project. By being a donor, you will be able to support the wellbeing of our competitive teams and have a huge impact on the stress level of our members.

Where will the money go?

The money raise will be spend on reducing the travel costs to BCA University Nationals in Derby for all our members. 

  • The coach costs are £1450 in total
  • we take 53 members to competition therefore the costs will be £27.36 per person
  • £76 of the money raised will be used to reduce the travel costs specifically for those members who helped at out with our recent fundraisers
  • The rest of the money will be equally divided between all members to reduce travel costs
  • We want to reduce the cost per person by at least £8 but it would be amazing of we could reduce it even more

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Instagram: @essexflames

Twitter: @TheEssexFlames

Facebook: Essex Flames Cheerleading Squad

Help us succeed!

You don not need to donate to be able to help us! Even sharing our project on social media would be so useful and as a team, we would be really grateful!