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Honduras: Dissertation project

A project by: Jade Seguin


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This project received donations on Wed 14 Jun 2017
6 week project to track the recovery of a keystone urchin species and its role in reef restoration

A bit of Background

I'm raising money to fund my data collection for my third year dissertation project, which will take place in Honduras where i will study the recovery of a long spined sea urchin species, D.antillarum. This species population was decimated by disease in the 1980's, from which populations have still not recovered. Sea urchins are a keystone species in reef ecology as they graze on macroalgae growing on coral reefs. Without this grazing, macroalgae smothers the coral, killing them and damaging the habitat as a whole. Their recovery is key in the conservation of coral reefs in the Caribbean and is something that I wish to learn more about and be a part of.

About me

I'm a second year Marine Biology student at the University of Essex, with an interest in both research and conservation, wishing to gain practical experience out in the field whilst furthering my education. Doing my dissertation with the organisation Operation Wallacea is a great opportunity to further my skills and help with future employment.

Why is this project important?

This project is important not only to me and my dissertation, but the area of study is particularly important in order for the long spine sea urchin to survive in the Carribean. If it were to go extinct, coral reefs in the Carribean would suffer as there'd be less coral and therefore less fish too!  By going out on to the field and collecting data, I can focus on what is stopping the recovery of the species and hopefully aid in future projects to help its recovery.

Where will the money go?

Minimum Target: £2000

  • Return Flights to Honduras and internal travel (£800)
  • Dive Equipment -Tank and Air hire- (£100)
  • Food and lodging (£1100)

Stretch Goal

Any further money raised will go towards the cost of the project itself, which includes daily dives, survey training, identification training and data collection.


I'd be so grateful for any donations and as a thankyou there are some great rewards for anyone who donates, with further information on the right side of the page.

Please share my project!

You can also help by sharing my project across your own networks to spread the word! This is just as important as donating.

Please feel free to email me for any specific questions you may have.