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Student Nurse life in Sri Lanka

A project by: Stephanie Scott


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Follow me and my journey volunteering in Sri Lankan hospitals

Hi, I am Stephanie, professional dancer turned Student nurse at Essex University.

Why the change in career you ask? Remember this little thing called Covid? It changed my world, drying up the performing industry leaving me contract'less for too long. Fortunately, at the time I had a day job working in an animal rescue in Tenerife, which I loved! However, I knew I couldn't stay there forever. 

After returning back to the UK, only for a few more dance gigs to be cancelled, my mum suggested I go to work in the hospital until the pandemic has passed. Me, a carer - ludicrous, or so I thought!   

Que me applying and getting a job on a busy acute medical ward as a health care assistant. After less than a month I was in love with my new job and decided to start the process of training to be a nurse. 

It was an extremely tough job, heightened from the pandemic but I loved the challenge.   

Currently, I am in my second year and thoroughly enjoying learning how to care for people in their most vulnerable times. Having always travelled for work and loving learning from other cultures I knew I would need to explore the healthcare systems abroad. Here in the UK, we see a lot of patients from all over the world. therefore, working in a new environment would be extremely helpful here once I have qualified. 

I will be travelling with Travelteer, a charity-led company that will facilitate my placement within local and government-led hospitals on the island. I will spend time learning traditional medicine. Ayurveda was developed over 3,000 years ago in India and is an Eastern healing system that believes that health and wellness depend on a careful balance between the mind, body, and spirit. This falls into my belief in treating a person fully, mind and body. Not just looking at physical ailments. All money raised will be going to their charity and hospitals I'll be working in and towards living costs. 

Where will the money go?

All money raised will go towards the cost of the experience.

Breakdown of costs:

Registration fee = £168

Volunteer Living Costs (per week) Include: Accommodation, Food, Local Transport and 24/7 In Country support =£609

Flights (estimate) = £1,100

insurance (estimate) = £60

All donations will be matched by the University!

I will be volunteering in Karapitiya & Asiri Teaching Hospitals, which allow volunteers to observe local consultants, doctors, and nurses working on various wards. The project is a fantastic way to gain insight into how Sri Lankan healthcare systems are run and gain experience through the observation of medical professionals.

As I move away from the main towns and cities, I venture into the jungle areas of Sri Lanka, where I and other volunteers will assist local healthcare professionals in rural clinics, providing healthcare access to disadvantaged communities. I will assist with tasks, such as painting and revamping old clinics, admin for the clinic patients and observing the professionals.

I am excited to start my journey and gain an insight into how other countries' healthcare systems work. I am to bring my knowledge into my practice here in the UK, with a deeper understanding of other cultures and communities and how they run.

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