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A project by: Daniela Atiencia


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'Family Values' a dark, gritty, physical new drama is going up to Edinburgh!

HELP 'FAMILY VALUES' get up to Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016!

Help emerging theatre company Ghost Light Theatre Group succeed at the world renowned Edinburgh Festival Fringe this summer!

Ghost Light Theatre Group

A ghost light is more than a superstition to appease the spirits residing in a theatre. Our mission here at Ghost Light Theatre Group is to pay tribute to the past, support the artist of now, and light the stage for the next generation. Under Artistic Director David Gasperetti, we embrace new plays and emerging artist. Our goal is to impact the world around us by commenting on contemporary issues and tell engaging stories in majestic, awe-inspiring ways.

 As an emerging theatre company made up of a collective of international artists, we want to explore new ways of creating and supporting international collaboration in theatre. The state of the world as it is now is calling for new voices within the arts from across the globe to come together to start a conversation between artists and the public alike about the future we want to build.

Who We Are

'The Don' (Artistic Director)- David Gasperetti 

'The Underboss' (Assistant Director) Daniela Atiencia

'Soldiers' (Actors) Federico Moro, Ivan Comisso, Virginia Byron, Tino Orsino

'Con Siglieri' (Producer) Isabella Javor

'Capo' (Stage Manager) - Sarah Trim-West

'Associates' - YOU GUYS! #AreYouFamily?

'FAMILY VALUES' - The show...

'Family Values' is a new play by American writer Michael Dalberg, we want to give it the best platform possible by taking it up to the fringe!

'Trent and Liam have completed one last job which hopefully has freed them from their mafia ties. Set in the Florida Everglades, these two brothers must learn how to become a real family. Just as their bond seems to strengthen, two strangers arrive at their hard-to-find home. Are these people here by accident, or have they been sent by other members of the family? Or worse: are these people closer to Trent and Liam than they realize?
Family Values is a dark, gritty, physical new drama that explores how perilous escaping the past can be.'

If you would like to read a sample of the script by Michael Dalberg please follow this link: https://www.scribd.com/document/317932477/Family-Values-by-Michael-Dalberg

Where the money goes:

We are desperate to make a dent in the production costs for 'Family Values,' it is extremely expensive to put on a show, and as an emerging company it is very difficult to get financial backing. If we are lucky enough to have a successful run up in Edinburgh, and get the extra costs towards the project, we will have enough money to break even on the expenses. Here are just a few of the things we need to cover:

We have managed to pay the following costs for the production:

Performance Rights:  £400

Venue Rental Edinburgh:  £ 3800+vat (£4560)

Venue Rental London: £576

But we have a LOT of the vital essentials to make up still:

Costumes, Set, & Props: £500

Transportation Sets: £550

Insurance:  £182

Marketing Materials: £300

Technicians Fees: £400

Rewards for donations!

Check our REWARDS for every donation made to us we have free copies of the script going, instagram videos designed especially for you, and free tickets to the show! Check it!


How you can keep up to date with our journey!

TWITTER: @ghostlighttg

FACEBOOK: /ghostlighttg

INSTAGRAM: @ghostlighttg

Please share as much as you can! 

Tell your friends, tell your family, tell the world!

Video Interviews from Behind the Scenes at Family Values!