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Eyram's SLV. Bali Mental Health Placement

A project by: Eyram Ahorsu


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Mental health volunteering in Indonesia


My name is Eyram, I'm in my final year at Essex studying BSc Psychology and I have a passion for mental health. I'm open minded and always ready to face a new challenge.

My newest challenge will entail spending 4 weeks in Bali this summer, volunteering for a global mental health organisation called SLV Global.

What will this involve?

My time in Bali is going to involve 40 hours a week of hands-on experience. I'll be volunteering full time on a minimum of six weekly projects. Projects will be across different settings such as government initiatives, schools and one of Indonesia’s only psychiatric facilities. In clinical settings, I’ll be providing support to mentally vulnerable individuals, through therapeutic group activities. Other tasks will involve finding creative ways to help individuals at varying stages of recovery. For example focusing on a particular skill, like improving short-term memory, and form an interactive activity around this. I’ll also be working with children with specific learning needs in schools and children development centres, using a combination of physical and mental activities to unlock their creative potential. General community outreach projects will involve promoting good physical and psychological wellbeing to elderly residents, and teaching English in vocational training institutes. All projects aim to promote overall well being and increase confidence, feelings of accomplishment, social skills, self worth and self-esteem.


My passion for mental health, has already seen me through a lot of experience in the field. Over the years I have worked closely with vulnerable individuals, from a range of backgrounds, ages suffering from a range of mental health issues and illnesses. I currently work in the Student Well being and Inclusivity Service at Essex uni, creating initiatives to support prevention and promote good mental health among students. But I also have a strong interest in the cultural differences in attitudes towards mental health, differing prevalence rates and accessible treatment options. The training I will receive from mental health professionals in Bali, is going to stimulate this interest; broadening my knowledge on global mental health and developing my cultural awareness.

Travelling on my own for a month, is completely out of my comfort zone. Engaging with a non Western culture will not only develop my existing inter-personal skills; but also enable me to pick up new ones and develop my cultural awareness. Although it will be challenging; I know I am going to experience so much growth in self-confidence and patience. I'm most excited about broadening my horizons with this new experience, opening my mind to alternative ways of thinking. Overall this experience will be invaluable, for my pursuit of a career in clinical psychology.


According to a report conducted by the WHO, the skills often neglected in the developing world, but intrinsically linked to mental health are: decision-making, problem-solving, creative and critical thinking, effective communication, interpersonal skills, self-awareness and coping with emotions and stress. The work I will be doing in the Balinese community, will feature creative ways to develop these personal skills - promoting healthy mental wellbeing.


• Placement fee £1400 (acceptance fee of £250 is not included)

• Flights £600

• Visa £45

• Travel Insurance £80

During the week I will be staying with an Indonesian family who will provide me with food. Transport will be provided from home to work by SLV. But I will also need to pay for my own accommodation, transport and food at the weekends. 

Want to contact me?

If you would like to get in contact with me, please send me an email at: eeahor@essex.ac.uk Alternatively, you can also find me on linked in and send me a message https://www.linkedin.com/in/eyram-ahorsu-07a42313b.


Thank you for taking the time to find out more about who I am, and what my project is about. I appreciate every donation, no matter how small. Please also share this page with your friends and family on social media.  

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