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Ella Enchanted at the Edinburgh Fringe

A project by: Frankie Regalia


WE RAISED £4,841

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This project received donations on Mon 19 Jun 2017
An empowering adaptation of the classic novel, where a girl learns love is stronger than any curse.


Through Click!, Bushel / Barrel / Tun is raising £5k to present the world premiere of Stephanie Neuerburg’s adaptation of Gail Carson Levine’s classic young adult novel ELLA ENCHANTED at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, directed by Frankie Regalia. The bulk of money raised will fund our venue costs and allow our company to fully house a cast and crew of 8 in Edinburgh for the entire month of August.

the budget

Our minimum goal is £2,000 . With this money, we can reserve our performance slot in the That Studio, a 50-seat black box theatre at the Edinburgh Fringe’s coveted Pleasance Courtyard. The Pleasance is the most highly attended venue at the Fringe, guaranteeing our show will reach its largest audience. This will also ensure a 6-performance run at the Colour House Theatre in London. The Colour House is a petite space on the river, where we will preview our show to a devoted audience of children and adults.

Our ideal goal is £5,000 , which will allow us not only to achieve the above goals, but also make it possible for BBT to provide housing free of charge to our actors and crew for the entire month of August. A group of 8 actors, from a myriad of countries and backgrounds, will be devoting 3 months of their lives to bringing this production to life, and it is one of BBT’s highest priorities to provide them with a place to live in Scotland for the duration of the festival.

Our overall target £10,000. If our overall target is achieved, funds will go directly towards production costs, including costumes and props; promotional material; and will allow us to compensate all of our associate artists, including our photographer and composer.


Bushel / Barrel / Tun is an internationally-based theatre company focused on telling stories centered on the female experience. Founding artists Stephanie Neuerburg and Frankie Regalia are so excited to bring BBT to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, a decades-old theatre event which brings together artists from all over the world to meet, share stories, and change lives. While many companies and artists focus on avant-garde, mature, and sometimes bizarre themes or projects, BBT is so thrilled to be bringing a performance to both young audiences and seasoned theatre-goers alike.

Stephanie Neuerburg (adapter, actor - Ella) is an actor, playwright, and poet whose work has been showcased at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC; the Oregon Shakespeare Festival; Seattle Public Theater; Island Shakespeare Festival; Ashland New Plays Festival; Livermore Shakespeare Festival; and Eugene O’Neill’s Tao House.

Frankie Regalia (director) has worked in the United States and the UK with a number of different companies and across several genres of theatre. Frankie has a wide range of experience having worked in opera, new works, physical theatre, children’s theatre, and the classics. Most recently she has worked with West Green House Opera, Dead Leaf Theatre Company, and the American Musical Theatre Academy.  She is also an associate artistic director of Poor Tortured Players Company and a member of the Young Vic Director’s Program.


  • Harold Addo as PRINCE CHAR / ensemble
  • Lisa Dierick as HATTIE / LUCINDA / ensemble
  • Colin Fewell as SIR PETER / ensemble
  • Jenny Horsthuis as DAME OLGA / ensemble
  • Stephanie Neuerburg as ELLA
  • Daisy Porter as OLIVE / AREIDA / ensemble
  • Isabella Van Der Roux as MANDY / ensemble

You can also follow us online! Ella Enchanted at the Edinburgh Fringe , @EllaEnchntdPlay

the story

When the fairy Lucinda curses Ella with the “gift” of obedience, Ella sets out on a journey to save herself — fighting ogres, meeting giants, and trying to avoid her wicked stepsisters, Hattie and Olive. But when Ella finds herself tangled in a possible romance with the crown prince Charmont, her curses makes things even more difficult — does she accept his proposal and endanger the kingdom, or break her own heart and let him go? Ella Enchanted is a sometimes frightening, ultimately ultimately story of a young woman who gains freedom through the power of love.