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IMUNA Conference in Paris

A project by: Yasen Naydenov



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This project received donations on Fri 09 Mar 2018
Join an Essex student in a Quest for Becoming a Better Representative

A short summary of MY project

Hello everyone,

I am raising 600 pounds in order to fund myself for attending a 4 day Model United Nations conference in Paris. It is an amazing gathering of more than 600 students from nearly 60 countries. Participants of the conference engage in four days of debates and problem solving of issues that are taking the highlights in global news: immigration, global warming, nuclear weapons and much more.

Taking part in such a conference is remarkable chance of improving one's negotiating skills, but also the ability to speak publicly and react quickly to changing environment. But beyond all is the opportunity to share an amazing event with people from all corners of the world and enrich one's view of the world.

Who am I?

I am an Essex student in International Relations currently on a year abroad in Israel. I've joined the local Model United Nations society and I am looking for ways to participate in most MUN conferences as possible in Israel and abroad. These conferences have provided me with incredible way of not only developing my negotiating and public speaking skills, but more importantly to identify personal weaknesses and meet new people from all over the globe.


I am a student in constant search for self-improvement. Currently on a year abroad in Israel, I have joined the local Model UN club hoping to improve my public speaking and debating skills. It turned out to be much more than that. Joining a club with mostly local students not only from the university I attend, but from various academic institutions throughout theCouuntry, was a great way to exceed beyond my comfort zone and learn a lot about the culture of others and also a lot about myself.

I seek participation in conferences abroad as an opportunity to challenge myself at a larger stage. Debating and competing with delegates throughout the world gives an even better experience of understanding different points of view, angles, and beliefs.

Where will the money go ?

  • Conference Fee -  £90
  • Transport from Israel and back - £200
  • Sleeping - £150
  • If any extra funds raised, they will go towards living expenses.


  • There are some amazing rewards for YOU at only a small donation away !

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