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Oxygen Supplementation in Elite Level Athletes

A project by: Michael Porter



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This project received donations on Sat 13 Jan 2018
Exciting, ground breaking research on elite athletes to be conducted in America.

We are looking to raise £2000 to conduct ground breaking oxygen supplementation research, on elite level athletes who live at altitude. The results will greatly improve understanding into how oxygen consumption can improve an athlete’s performance.

Who we are?

We are two current PhD students researching in sports and exercise science.

Michael is in his second year of his PhD and has a keen interest into how the use of oxygen supplementation can improve performance and recovery.

Rob has just begun his PhD and is going to be researching into optimising recovery.

We are collaborating to enable us to conduct a project of this magnitude, using innovative research methods.

Our Story

We are looking to travel to America in February-March 2018, for 3 weeks, to conduct the research with elite athletes from Adam State University, Colorado. We are going to investigate how supplementing oxygen during recovery, may improve performance for athletes residing at altitude.  This will allow us to work with elite athletes which we would never normally have access to, who live year-round at altitude.

This will enable Michael to progress the work already conducted during his PhD, whilst providing us both with the opportunity to conduct innovative research which aims to inform elite level sport.

Have you ever watched an NFL (American Football) game and seen the athletes on the side-lines breathing oxygen? This is conducted and comes with substantial financial burden, without scientific evidence to support its use. Our research will help determine if the consumption of oxygen is having a beneficial effect on performance.

Where will the money go?

If we reach our minimum target of £500 this will be put towards our accommodation costs.

If we reach our maximum target of £2000 to will enable use to meet all the additional costs incurred during out trip; flights, accommodation and travel.

Any additional funds raised will be put towards our living costs whilst in America which we are currently planning to subsidise ourselves.

Breakdown of costs:

Flight: 2x return to Colorado + Baggage                                                            £1500

Accommodation: £50 per day for 24 days                                                          £1200

Additional travel: (car hire to and from airport)                                                    £200

Research Consumables: Oxygen & Haemodynamics                                         £500

Total costs: £3400

Funding already received:                                                                                      £1700

Funds still to raise: £1700


The rewards you will receiver are as follows;

-          Daily blog including photos and videos documenting our research experience whilst in America.

-          Report detailing the main findings of the research project, completed within 12-18months following data analysis.

-          Contributing to scientific knowledge and informing the supplementation of oxygen in elite sport.

Find Us Here

Follow us to find out how we’re doing! https://www.facebook.com/Colorado2018/

During the trip we will blog and vlog the whole experience, documenting; how the research is going, the place we are living, what to do in the area, what Adam state has to offer and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Help us Succeed

If you are interested in the project please feel free to share this among your colleagues, families and friends.

If you feel you would like to provide more assistance please feel free to contact us at: msport@essex.ac.uk