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Baseball and softball - Coaching qualifications

A project by: Jefferson Ho



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This project received donations on Wed 18 Jan 2017
Help support our club by funding for coaching qualifications

Our project

The Baseball and Softball club is raising money to produce excellent coaches for our players. Our newly ratified sports club doesn't have the funds to progress our coaches to a new level. Coaches are essential for a players growth, they provide resources, motivation and a challenge, by supporting our cause we will be able to produce some effective coaches and truly show our potential of becoming the best baseball and softball players in the college league.

Our story

We are the Baseball and Softball club, we have just recently been ratified however even with our limited resources we have managed to secure a GB Player as a coach and in our first game on 29th October we beat Imperial College Baseball team who have been in training for 3 years. Baseball and Softball is a growing sport in the UK and we want to spread more of its values around, we're planning on make a big impact in the National University Baseball and Softball championship and to achieve this high standard we have been playing against other university teams, helped found a baseball league and train twice a week. Last year we were able to secure funding from BSUK (Baseball & Softball UK) for level 1 coaching, but now that money is gone, we want to help our committed players to grow even further by providing them with higher level coaches they deserve.

Where will the money go?

Right now we have 3 level 1 baseball and softball coaches, because all the coaching courses are outside of Colchester, we have to travel far to advance them to level 2. We need £200 for each, £150 for the coaching qualification and the £50 for travel.

Total sum : £600.00

Any additional funds will go towards buying new equipment (softball gloves, bats and balls)


We have some fab rewards to thank everyone who donates, whatever the amount you might give. Check them out. Signed merchandise from the club, thank you letters, postcards and for high rollers a free seat on the minibus to away games.

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Help us succeed!

If you can sponsor us that would be fantastic but if you can't, you can help by raising awareness to as many people as possible, help promote the page by sharing this project to anyone you know, It could be on social media or in person. The more people who know about this, the more likely we are to succeed.

Thank you!