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Baseball and Softball funding

A project by: Jefferson Ho



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This project received donations on Tue 13 Jun 2017
Strengthening the Baseball & Softball club step by step

Hi, welcome to our Click funding page, where you get to know us a bit and the reasoning behind this project.

Our project

The Baseball and Softball club is raising money to build a solid foundation for the club. What does this mean? Right now, our club is providing a safe and fun environment for all our players, but that doesn't come without costs. We're a progressive club, we want to play against other universities, we want to become the best in the college league, however the costs to cover transport alone is setting us back from being able to provide better equipment to our players.

What we need right now is funding that will help us with the cost of maintaining the club, this includes but not limited to, travel costs, coaching fees and equipment.

Our story

We are the Baseball and Softball club, we have just recently been ratified however even with our limited resources we have managed to secure a GB Player as a coach, and in our first game on 29th October we beat Imperial College Baseball team who have been in training for 3 years. Baseball and Softball is a growing sport in the UK and we want to spread more of its values around - we're planning on make a big impact in the National University Baseball and Softball championship and to achieve this high standard we have been playing against other university teams, helped found a baseball league and train twice a week. Of course this has meant that much of our equipment has been worn down, or broken from use so to continue to function, train and win we need better equipment.

Where will the money go?

We're going to allocate the money into 3 sections. One is for travel costs, one is for equipment and the final one will be coaching fees.

We would like to help subsidise the costs of travelling for our players to and from big events, such as the National University Baseball Championships. This should cost £10 per person with a SU minibus, but we don't have minibus driver on our team, so travelling so cheaply is not always a option. We would like to help subsidise the costs of travel in case of such events where we don't have access to the SU minibus. £400 is what we're looking at, which should help subsidise the costs of travel for all our players to big annual events.

Equipment is another costs that needs attention, baseball is a demanding sport, so it's not surprising to see our baseball gloves and balls worn out, and unusable after a eventful year. In order to provide a safe and fun environment to our players we would like to refresh our supply of baseballs, and maybe additional equipment to help with training such as a screen and t-stands. Which should also cost around £400 .

Coaching is a must in order to grow and become a better team, we need outside knowledge from experienced and expert coaches, to help us rise to the top of the national league. If we reach our stretch goal we would like to give our players the opportunity to receive coaching from people that are veterans in the baseball field, people with lots of knowledge to share with us and help us become stronger. £200 is what're we looking at for hiring a coach in every month, for a season or two.

Any excess amount will be put towards additional equipment such as bats and helmets.


Yo, we have some fab rewards to thank everyone who donates, whatever the amount you might give. Check them out. Signed merchandise from the club, thank you letters, postcards and for high rollers a free seat on the minibus to away games.

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If you can sponsor us that would be fantastic but if you can't, you can help by raising awareness to as many people as possible, help promote the page by sharing this project to anyone you know, It could be on social media or in person. The more people who know about this, the more likely we are to succeed. Thank you!