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Improving Access to English

A project by: John Sykes


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This project received donations on Fri 27 Oct 2017
This project aims to utilise current findings in the psycholoy of language to improve L2 learning.

About the project

I'm organising a project to use the newest research from the psychology and neuroscience of language and education to improve teaching, starting with Thailand!

I intend to develop a model of Second Language learning to use in schools in Thailand. I will be helping children in Thailand increase their opportunities and economic status by creating a model to improve the speed of lagnuage learning. Afterwards, I hope to continue to improve and continue to trial my programme.

If all goes well, I am looking to apply the same process other countries in South East Asia and perhaps parts of Europe. How much we can do will depend on how much we can raise!

Who am i?

I'm a psychology postgraduate at the University of Essex. I taught in previously Thailand for 2 1/2 months. I am interested in finding ways to apply psychological research to solve real-world problems.

my story

I have been interested in psychology, neuroscience and the humanities for many years. This has led to me to starting my current research opportunity.

I first taught English in Thailand in 2014. Thailand is a developing country with a lot of passion, generosity and a commitment to increasing its prosperity. It has make huge progress in recent years but part of that journey is to get a good grasp of the world's second language, English.

I intend to contribute to that endevour with my new project. Hopefully, if sucessful, this project can contribute towards the body of knowledge that improves the ability to educate future generations. I want to see what I'm able learn myself and to try to apply my findings to other teaching programmes.

You will be making a huge difference to those who get to benefit from this project!

Where will the money go?

  • On the travel costs and procurement of research material.
  • On resources (books, films and other video resources, games) to be used for the schools.
  • The minimum amount will pay for travel/living expenses and some materials for the school.
  • If we manage to obtain a lot of funding we will expand the project to more than one school. The amount of time I am able to spend there, and whether we can implement the project at more than one school, will wholly depend on how much momey we're able to raise.
  • Any money left over after the programme is finished will be donated to charity.
  • If I raise more than my target, I will try to expand the programme to different schools, potentially in the more rural Isaan region in the North, or the more impoverished neighbouring countries such as Cambodia and Laos.
  • I will give weekly updates on how everything is going over there!
  • Travel costs: £550
  • Living costs: £300
  • Resources/Teaching materials: £250+
  • Administration, teaching and design of extraciricular activities: £150
  • Travel to other schools (if possible): £70
  • It is indeed possible that we will be able to hire more people. This really depends on how much money we can raise!
  • Any leftover money will be given to the schools and used for extra materials!

Find me here

I will be starting a blog to detail our progress :)

Here is my Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/john.sykes.16

Help us succeed!

  • You can help by donating, sharing and telling others about this project.
  • Remember, all donations given in pounds or dollars will go even further when converted into Thai baht! Even small donations accumulate!
  • Due to the Matchfunding offered by Click, even if you give £1, you're actually giving £2!
  • If you know anyone who would be interested in being a sponsor, please let them know!
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Thank you!