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17 Days by Adrianna Pavlovska

A project by: Adrianna Pavlovska



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Help us take 17 Days to Edinburgh Fringe!

17 days by adrianna pavlovska

17 Days explores the decline of a relationship through the eyes of two people who find it impossible to let go. It seeks to understand why it is so easy to stop fighting for something that, at one point, was everything.

On his return from America, Josh realises the love he had for his partner is waining, and he's determined to end it. Ingrid is waiting for him, with the hope his return will mean happiness. Both will be disappointed.

A play about the refusal to compromise and the desperation to be loved.

"I've seen the production numerous times and am desperate to see it again. This passionate, hilarious and heartbreaking work by a new Polish playwright is the oxygen that British theatre needs." - Jesse Briton, Bear Trap Theatre

the company

'17 Days' is written by Adrianna Pavlovska, directed by Tongchai O.Hansen and produced by James Matthews. Our company brings together artists from across Europe, Adrianna (the writer and actor) hails from Poland, Tongchai (director), from Norway and James (producer) is from... Bristol. We all met at East 15 Acting School where 17 Days was born as part of The International Festival of New Work, the show has since been shortlisted for the Moscow International Festival, Your Chance. Although each one of us come from different places, speak different languages, we have a shared passion of making exciting new work that celebrates our varying backgrounds.

We dream big. We dream as big as we can. Which makes us very much alike.

The show is made in association with Bear Trap Theatre (' Enduring Song', 'Bound' ) and Kosky Productions, both of which are successful and established graduate companies of East 15.


We have secured a slot at ZOOVenues for the whole of August at Edinburgh Fringe. As well as this, we have a London preview at Bernie Grant Arts Centre as part of Springboard Festival 2018. These performances provide the show with a wealth of chances to be seen by a variety of industry professionals (programmers, press, literary agents - you name it, they'll be in Edinburgh) as well as audiences from all around the world. As a new show with universal relatability and a strong message we can't wait to share the show with you guys, but first, we need some help...


We have secured some funding already from various private sources and are applying to others, but the fringe is very pricey so we need all the help we can get.

Our current costs are:

  • Venue Costs - £3500
  • Accommodation - £1500
  • Fringe Registration Fee - £295.20
  • Marketing - £300
  • Insurance - £90
  • Transport £222
  • Contingency (5%) - £295.36

TOTAL - £6202.56

For our minimum target of £500, the money shall be spent on the remainder of our venue costs and anything over this shall be spent on accommodation, transport and marketing.

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Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/17DaysPlay/

Instagram - @17daysplay

Twitter - @17daysplay

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Lots of love

The 17 Days Team