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Project Shanghai

A project by: Whitney Alfah


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This project received donations on Wed 05 Apr 2017
No one can discover you until you do. Exploit your talents and strengths and make the world notice.

My Project:

I am currently raising funds to cover the expenses of my trip to Shanghai where I will carry out a 2-month Internship. The total cost I need to raise is £2100; a breakdown of this cost can be viewed below. This is an amazing opportunity to work in a Pharmaceutical company, which is in the career field I hope to embark on after graduation. I believe my time in Shanghai will allow me to build on my basic scientific skills, learn more about the industry and collate this knowledge back to my studies upon return to Essex.

Who am I and what am I driven by:

My name is Whitney and I was born and raised in the United Kingdom. I am a very ambitious student and have great plans for my future career. I also love to travel, hence why this Internship is so well suited to me. I have a keen interest in biochemistry which explores the biological workforce behind the scenes; the constant, and systematic chemical factories that sustain life. Biochemistry is a part of everyday life and can help aid in understanding how the body functions. It is simply this why I love the topic and want to explore this internship.

My Story:

This Internship is a great opportunity to network and broaden my horizons, however I feel it will also give me a chance to learn about this new culture and to become integrated into a new style of living. I am very passionate about going into drug development because currently I'm a second year student in Biochemistry. So far I have been able to acquire some important skills in Biochemistry by doing Chemical titrations, using pipettes and burettes, management and application of chemicals (including hazardous chemicals), chemical analysis and calculations and reporting experimental results accurately. Although I need these skills to be successful within the industry, I believe having these skills at an introductory level are also very critical in qualifying me to take part in this internship.

Cost breakdown

Cost of internship: £3495

Amount paid: £959

Next instalment to be paid on the 10th of march (from private funds) : £609

Funds left to raise: £2000

This will go towards the remaining fee.

Anything over my minimum, will go towards flights.

Please donate and help my dreams come true!


For your contributions I would like to offer some rewards as a thanks. I will be creating a private Instagram page where donors will be able to view weekly posts of my time in Shanghai. For those who have given larger and substantial donations, I will have a personal Skype call with you whilst in Shanghai so you can share my experience with me- raw and unedited!

More of the exciting rewards can be seen on the right hand side of the page, and I want to personally thank you for believing in my cause.

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Thank you very much!