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OwlApp - Your smart safety companion

A project by: Dmitry Christie


WE RAISED £1,506

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This project received donations on Thu 31 Mar 2016
Our first step in making this world a safer place for everyone.


We're a young Social Enterprise run by three Essex students. Our goal is to make this world a safer place in a smart and ethical way. 


We will launch our app with 3 initial features. They are:

1. Find my friends.

Have you ever lost your friends in a night venue which has poor signal? So have we. We will set up Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons in Sub Zero which will enable our app to determine where exactly you and your friends are. Your location will be encrypted and shared only with pre-approved contacts.

2. Lookout for me. 

Have you ever worried about yourself or your friends getting home safely? So have we. Our app will ask where you want to go and how long it should take you. If the timer runs out and you're not there - the app will send a distress text with your location to your pre-set emergency contacts.

3. Safety bus tracking.

Have you ever been frustrated waiting for a safety bus? So have we. You will be able to see if the safety bus is arriving any time soon.

where will the money go?

All three of us have a diverse set of skillsThis enables us to do most things in house. However, we want to bring the app to you as soon as possible. 

Most of the money will go towards hiring and training 1-2 developers (Essex students). Each hour will cost us £6.70.

Here's the range of features that we want to implement and estimated number of work and training hours they will require:

  • Backend server (sends a text even if the user's phone is out of battery)  80 hours  £540
  • Safety bus tracking  60 hours  £400
  • iOS development  150 hours ≈ £1000
  • Messaging without WiFi and network connection (similar to FireChat 80 hours  £540
  • Privacy settings and Facebook integration  60 hours  £400

We will also need to buy equipment and licenses:

  • Server  £60
  • Eddystone Beacons ≈ £90
  • Licenses (e.g. Google Play, App Store etc)  £100 

We have many more ideas in case if we're over-funded, but these features will be our top priority.


Dmitry - Chief Executive Officer

Essex SU VP International 2012-13

MSc International Economics 2015-16

Came up with the idea to bring you Pocket Essex

Brought National Insurance Interviews for the EU students onto campus.

Cameron - Chief Technology Officer

UG Computer Science Student (Placement Year)

Developed Essex Advanced Scheduler. 

Emeka - Chief Marketing Officer

UG Economics Student (2nd year)

2015 Santander Hackathon Winner

Experienced Designer

Do you want to get involved or simply have a chat?

We're always open to suggestions and cooperation. Feel free to drop us an e-mail.

Dmitry - General Enquires - ceo@soteriasafety.org

Cameron - IT Enquires - cto@soteriasafety.org

Emeka - Media Enquires - cmo@soteriasafety.org

Find us on Twitter : @owlappofficial 


Your support for this project matters. Every like, share, conversation or donation brings us one step closer to achieving our goal, making our world a safer place. We have many more ideas, and we are eager to implement them. Thank you for taking time to read this.

Legal bits.

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