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Tokyo Cultural Exchange Programme

A project by: Sadiye Isisal



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This project received donations on Fri 18 May 2018
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I am raising £2000 to be able to travel and gain additional experience from Tokyo Kasei University which will be in Japan this summer between 24th Jun-  7th July . This programme aims to integrate Japanese culture into our lives and to get us to understand how diverse is the world from one continent to another.


Tokyo Kasei Summer Programme is designed for students who have a strong interest in Japan and want to deepen their understanding of Japanese culture. All lectures, except Japanese language lessons, are conducted in English. The program consists of not only unique lectures about Japanese culture and a homestay but also many activities and exchange sessions, therefore we will gain an appreciation of the lifestyles, customs, and personalities of the people of Japan.


Going to Tokyo would be an amazing opportunity for me. Last year, I had a chance to go Masaryk University Summer School and it was the best decision I made in 2017. This year, I am interested in Tokyo Kasei Summer Programme because I am keen on new cultures and especially Asian countries. I am very excited that I got accepted to this course because travelling, learning new cultures, traditions and languages are my strongest passions. This programme would be extremely useful for me because it will help me broaden my understanding of the world. In addition, course structure focuses on every aspects of Japan from the way of doing business to communication, literature to fashion and most significantly Japanese Pop Culture, Anime and Manga. Most importantly this summer programme offers homestay in Japanese family which I  believe to be the best way of understanding a new culture.


I am final year BSc Management, Maths and Economics student at the University of Essex.

I am an observant and wanderer and I strongly believe that my main reason of belonging on this planet is to make a real change. Hence, in order for me to start making even smaller changes, I need to sense different parts of the world.

My ambition is to become a successful economist and introduce effective economic models to help boost the economic development of different countries around the world. I deeply believe that travelling and being local people in a particular country is extremely important for deeper understanding of their everyday problems. It is a well- known fact that cultures have experienced a dramatic change over the last years. People have also started to move across the countries faster and freer . This has resulted in drastic changes of the economic and social state of all countries around the world. I would really like to experience the feeling of being a "child of the world" from my very heart.


This year is my final year at the University of Essex and probably in England. Last year’s summer programme thought me lots of things from the real part of the Europe to my goals in life. I have not had any opportunity to travel Asian part of the world yet but it’s my goal to make it happen now. This crowdfunding campaign will help me make my dream tome true. Even now  I am starting to get so excited and curious about the course and the country and I just can't wait. I believe that this experience will turn into one unforgettable memory for me.

Where will the Money Go?

The money that I am crowdfunding will directly go to my course, accommodation, travel and living expenses:

·      Travel expenses: £750 to £1000 (return flight from United Kingdom)

·      Course fee: £350

·      Insurance: £300 (compulsory international travel insurance)

·      Living expenses in 2 weeks in Tokyo: £350


For additional information and updates on the project, you can look at my Facebook / Instagram . If you have any specific question, you can drop me an email on sisisa@essex.ac.uk


I would deeply appreciate all your donations no matter how big or small. As a thank you, I have some great rewards to offer you. You can check them out on the right-hand side of the page!