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Spanish & Business Study in Mexico

A project by: Stevie Farrow


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This project received donations on Mon 19 Jun 2017
Immersing myself within Mexican culture whilst learning local language and business

Estudio de español y negocios en méxico

If I was unable to use google translate I would fail to understand the Spanish language. It is a common stereotype that British people hate learning foreign languages and think everyone should speak English. I have always had an interest in learning Spanish, however have never had the time, money or perfect opportunity to devote myself to leaning it. Now, as I am leaving university and have the freedom to travel I wish to pursue this ambition of mine by studying for 4 weeks in Mexico.

Not only will I be studying Spanish but also Business, I am making the most out of this trip by studying multiple disciplines and expanding my knowledge. During my stay I will be soaking up the local Mexican culture whilst living with a host family in Monterrey, mi casa es tu casa.

Outside of study, I am looking to share my passion for sports by involving myself within the community and encourage sports participation. In my spare time I am looking forward to travel and enjoy the beautiful treasures such as the Cola de Caballo Waterfalls, Garacia's Caves and the museum of Mexican History.

A bit about me

I am a positive and lively character in my final year of studying Sports and Exercise Science. I am a very hands on person who likes to get involved in activities. Whilst my main aim is too return to England with the ability to fluently speak Spanish and learn business, I am looking to use existing skills and knowledge to help the local community and build connections.

Where will the money go?

My minimum target I need to reach to cover some of the basic expenses is £1,250. The money will be split between travel costs of flights to and from Mexico, accommodation, health insurance and visas.

  • Flights - approximately £1,000
  • Accommodation - £600
  • TEC University Health Insurance - £125
  • Visa - £35

If a surplus from my target is achieved I would love to be able to cover all of the costs of the trip allowing me to explore more of Mexico.


To those of you who donate, thanks you so much for your generosity! Hopefully together we can make this dream become a reality.

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Contact & support

Please follow my progress and keep in touch so I can update you will the latest news.

Facebook: Stevie Farrow

Twitter: steviegfarrow

e-mail: steviefarrow@hotmail.com

Help me succeed!

Even if you are unable to donate please share my page and get the word out there. The more people that see this project the more awareness is raised which generates support. Feel free to leave a sportive comments and questions you have regarding the project :) I'm sure Mexico doesn't have a Tesco supermarket out there but as they say "every little helps". Any donations are welcome.