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Get the Fat Rascals to the Edinburgh Fringe!

A project by: Josh Foyst


WE RAISED £1,540

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This project received donations on Wed 26 Jul 2017
Help us get two new musicals to the world's biggest fringe festival


After an amazing year we're taking Buzz: A New Musical back to the Edinburgh Fringe alongside our new zombie comedy musical, Tom and Bunny Save the World !


As 2018 falls to a zombie apocalypse and London grinds to a halt, Tom and Bunny begin their perilous journey to Yorkshire in quest of sanctuary and a reasonably priced pint. A zombie epic for our time, defying gender stereotypes and joining black comedy with a live folk soundtrack, join Tom and Bunny as they discover what it is to be British in a crisis.


Buzz is a feminist production proudly celebrating women's independence and sexuality. This is not your average musical. With a cast of 7, Fat Rascal Theatre transports the audience from the cave women of the Stone Age to Victorian London's Hysteria Pandemic, from Cleopatra's Egypt to the Land Girls of World War II. Buzz is a fun approach to feminism, a comedy with a message aiming to liberate young women and open up conversation about taboo subjects. After an incredible year of performances at venues including Sheffield's Theatre Delicatessen, Brighton Fringe and York Theatre Royal, we are thrilled to be bringing Buzz back to Edinburgh!


Fat Rascal Theatre is an award-winning theatre company and currently part of the New Diorama Graduate Emerging Companies scheme. We are young, bold and cheeky, exploring taboo subjects with a cup of Yorkshire tea in hand. We discuss social and political issues through an accessible and appealing format to engage a wider audience. We want to create incredibly entertaining, dynamic and gripping theatre which people are going to want to see for fun, and want them to leave having had a great time but also feeling ready to take on the world. We believe that theatre should always aim to inspire, educate or liberate, and should be available to everybody.


We have had an amazing year as a company after going to Edinburgh in 2016, and it opened up so many opportunities for us, including a free 4-week run in London and a spot on the coveted New Diorama Graduate Emerging Companies Scheme. We're now getting to the stage where we are ready to book our first proper tours and Edinburgh is the best place to start that process, where all of the world's theatre industry descend in one place for the only time in the year!

Where will the money go?

With Buzz scaling up and Tom and Bunny starting afresh, our two budgets are as follows:


Venue guarantee: £7948.01

Registration: £393.60

Venue marketing contra: £600

Set, props and costume: £1000

Marketing: £2072

Cast and creative expenses/fees (to cover accommodation and travel): £5400

Technical equipment: £2000

Haulage: £500

Music licences: £92.88

Office costs: £50

Contingency: £427.42

Total: £20483.91

Tom and Bunny Save the World

Venue guarantee: £2592

Registration: £393.60

Venue marketing contra: £600

Set, props and costume: £525

Marketing: £1000

Cast and creative expenses/fees (to cover accommodation and travel): £3250

Technical equipment: £50

Haulage: £144

Office costs: £20

Contingency: £163.39

Total: £8737.99

GRAND TOTAL: £29,221.90

We have managed to raise the vast majority of this and with income from our previews, we anticipate having £3497.93 left to raise - which is why we would love to have your support!


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