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A project by: Cameron Ablimit

pledged of £3,500 target
Love is in the Air—Literally!


     Hello, my name is Cameron Ablimit, I’m a Uyghur theatre director from China. And I am excited to share that I am in the final stages of my academic journey in the UK and am currently working on my thesis production, a play titled "Boeing Boeing." This classic farce, known for its witty humor and intricate plot, promises to be a delightful experience for the audience, but I need your support to bring it to life.


     "Boeing Boeing" is a beloved comedy that revolves around the antics of Bernard, an architect juggling relationships with three different flight attendants. With its fast-paced dialogue and hilarious situations, the play offers a wonderful exploration of timing, physical comedy, and the complexity of human relationships. This production is not just a requirement for my thesis but a passion project that I believe will entertain and engage the community.

our goal

     To successfully stage this production, I aim to raise £3000. Your generous contribution will directly support these essential aspects and help make this thesis production a memorable success.


Producing a play involves various costs, including:

Set Design and Construction: Creating the vibrant and dynamic setting of Bernard's apartment.

Costumes and Props: Ensuring each character's unique personality is vividly portrayed.

Lighting and Sound: Enhancing the theatrical experience with professional-grade equipment.

Marketing and Promotion: Reaching a wider audience to share this wonderful production.

Actors’ Stipend: Providing a fair stipend to our talented cast for their time and dedication.

Intimacy Director: Ensuring safe and respectful handing of all intimate scenes for both actors and audience.

Where will the money go?

Full Target: £3500

- Set Design and Construction: £750

- Costumes and Props: £600

- Lighting and Sound: £200

- Marketing and Promotion: £100

- Actors’ Stipend: £1350

- Intimacy Director: £500


Minimum Goal: £2200

- Set Design and Construction: £500

- Actors’ Stipend: £1200

- Intimacy Director: £500


Extra Funds:

- Further production quality improvements

- More promotional activities

- Higher stipends for actors and crew


     We’ll provide regular updates on our progress, including behind-the-scenes looks, rehearsal highlights, and production milestones.

the impact of your support

Your donation will not only assist in the creation of a high-quality theatrical performance but also support my growth and development as a theatre practitioner. This production is a critical milestone in my academic career, and your support will have a lasting impact on my professional journey.


No reward - Donate to the project without receiving a reward.

£5 or more - Get a shoutout on our official SNS page!

£10 or more – Get a special sticker related to Boeing Boeing!

£20 or more - Get a mention in our thank you section in the program.

£50 or more - Receive a special gift related to Boeing Boeing! (first come first serve, 20 max)

£100 or more - Come and see one rehearsal at a designated date and time. Enjoy the behind-the-scenes in person! You will also be given the chance to chat with the team afterwards.

£350 or more - You will be given the opportunity to change a character’s name in the play to yours! (first come first serve, 6 people max)

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     Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a significant difference. If you are unable to donate, sharing this message with your network would be incredibly helpful and greatly appreciated.