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A modern couple open up to each other over the course of breakfast


Samuel & Kyomi is a film about modern relationships and the awkward situations that arise when two individuals are unable to communicate about how they view their relationship. 

We are looking for funding towards location hire and travel expenses, and if we are able to raise the full amount we will put your generous contibutions towards crew, kit hire, and a film festival plan.

We hope to screen the film in London before going to festivals, and eventually uploaded online.

Any financial contributor of this project will receive a link to the film shortly after the initial screening in London, if you are unable to attend the screening in person.

Who are you?

Ryan Bogle - Director & Co-writer - This being his second short film, Ryan crafts socially relevant stories which are often focusing on race, gender & class issues.

Erica Michelle Rodriguez Benavides - Co-writer & Costume Designer - Erica makes her debut working in film as a costume designer. After getting involved in the writing process, she will be a costume designer with a keen eye for detail.

Billy Gardiner - Producer - Billy has just recieved his BA in film studies, and hopes to use this film as an initial stepping stone for his career.

Where will the money go?

  • Location Hire (one day): £350
  • Travel: £150

These are our essential costs, and we hope with our full goal being achieved that we are able to additionally;

  • Pay cast and crew
  • Provide cast and crew with accomodation
  • Rent higher-spec equipment
  • Create a fully loaded marketing campaign
  • Submit the film to multiple film festivals

Weekly updates documenting our progress will be available on our Instagram alongside BTS footage and snippets. 


  • Donation of £15 or more - Special Thanks - We will thank you during the film credits for your generous contribuition!
  • Donation of £25 or more - Special Thanks & Star Sign Print You will be thanked for your generous contribution during the credits and you will also receive a print made with care from Kyomi to you.
  • Donation of £35 or more - Special Thanks, Star Sign Print and Behind the scenes film. 


Samuel & Kyomi

Thank you!

We greatly appreciate the time you've taken to view our page, we hope to have you involved in the project whether it is through support or donations. If you could please share our campaign to anyone who may be interested, and feel free to contact us for any further information either through our Instagram page.